Big integer calculator

This is a very big number calculator. It does numbers in a very big way. It does all sorts of mathematical calculations such as + - * ^ / ! mod fibonacci prime GCD LCM primeness binomial proth and Lucas Lehmer. Ideal for number theory.

Big integer calculator 7.0
Publisher: private License: Shareware
Version: 7.0 Date Added: 13 November, 2008
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Systems: Win98, WinCE, WinME, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows2000, WindowsServer2003


This is a very big number calculator. It does numbers in a very big way. It does all sorts of mathematical calculations such as + - * ^ / ! mod fibonacci prime GCD LCM primeness binomial proth and Lucas Lehmer. Ideal for number theory. This also an educational and scientific mathematical tool for kids learning about mod theory. Download the demo. It does everything, but the memory functions are disabled.

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