My SmartFolders

My SmartFolders introduces a new way to organize your data! My SmartFolders organizes your files, web links and Outlook items, grouping them based on their relationships.

My SmartFolders 1.1
Publisher: Castle Peak Software Corporation License: Shareware
Version: 1.1 Date Added: 13 November, 2008
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Systems: WinXP


My SmartFolders introduces a new way to organize your data! My SmartFolders organizes your files, web links and Outlook items, grouping them based on their relationships. Attach tags to your files, web sites and Outlook items and then they appear in your SmartFolders based on those tags, according to your specifications. It`s simple, yet very powerful. You can apply this concept to any aspect of your work, for any business and for any kind of data that you store on your computer or over the network. My SmartFolders benefits you and your company in three ways. First, you can organize your data according to tags. Second, you can pull together files/data stored in separate locations, on your hard disk and over the network. Third, web sites and Outlook items are treated like files, so you can use one organizational tool, My SmartFolders, to organize your work. Put this all together and you have a very intuitive way to organize your data. Features: Fully integrated into Windows -- My SmartFolders appears on your desktop and in Windows Explorer much like My Documents does. Simple to use -- Right clicking a file allows you to assign Tags; right clicking a SmartFolder allows you to assign file criteria. You'll be up and running in less than 5 minutes! Flexible -- You can use SmartFolders for any type of file and for any type of business. Organize product specs, quarterly reports, spreadsheets, technical documentation as well as your vacation photos. There really is no limit! Organize Networked Files -- Pull together files scattered across the corporate network, on multiple file servers. No matter where the files are located, your view of these files is under My SmartFolders, in the SmartFolders you've created and organized. Integrated with Outlook and Internet Explorer -- You can also Tag any Outlook item (email, task, appointment, etc) and Web site. Then your SmartFolders are collecting not only files and folders, but also different kinds of information not normally found in a Windows folder, namely, Outlook items and Web links. Can't Live Without SmartFolders -- Pull it all together and we think you'll agree!

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