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1Heimdal FREE 2.2.14 (http://www.https:)

SCANS YOUR SYSTEM FOR VULNERABLE APPLICATIONS Heimdal FREE scans your computer every 2 hours for outdated software. You can choose from a list of 20 most used software applications in the world. When it spots an out of date application, it will...

Program type: Freeware Size: 512.0 KBBy: Heimdal Security
2Mask My IP (http://www.mask-myip.com)

Any web resource you access can gather your personal data through your unique IP address, your ID in the Internet. Anybody anywhere can take anything they want from your computer anytime. Adventing with an edge online protection technology, Mask...

Program type: Freeware Size: 2.1 MBBy: Mask My IP

3hide.me VPN for Windows 1.2.10 (http://www.https:)

World's most trusted VPN provider, hide.me, with over 3 million downloads now offers newly enhanced VPN Apps for all Devices and Operating systems with Free VPN. It's as easy as 123, No Registration, No Login required. Just download and enjoy the...

Program type: Freeware Size: 5.7 MBBy: eVenture Limited
4Free Hide IP (http://www.free-hideip.com)

Free Hide IP, the best free privacy protection software, could hide your real IP address for FREE, anonymize your web surfing, keep your computer safe from hacker attacks and other risks, all with a single click of a button without any...

Program type: Freeware Size: 2.2 MBBy: Free Hide IP
5Hide IP Easy (http://www.easy-hideip.com)

Hide IP Easy enables you to hide your real IP with a fake one, surf anonymously, prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your online activity or stealing your personal information, and provide full encryption of your online activity,...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $19.95 Size: 2.2 MBBy: Hide IP Easy
6Auto Hide IP (http://www.autohideip.com)

Auto Hide IP is privacy-protection software which enables you to conceal your real IP address, surf anonymously, and automatically change your IP address every few minutes. With it, you are able to conceal your identity online by showing them...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $19.95 Size: 2.3 MBBy: Auto Hide IP
7KillDisk Desktop 1.6.17 (http://www.ntfs.com)

KillDisk Desktop is a highly customizable hard drive eraser hardware that securely erases all the contents stored on hard disks and other storage devices. Powered by Intel Atom, this data erasure appliance is entirely self-contained and designed...

Program type: Data OnlyPrice: $1,999.00 Size: 1.0 GBBy: LSoft Technologies Inc.
8KillDisk Industrial 1.6.17 (http://www.ntfs.com)

KillDisk Industrial is a data sanitization solution designed for data centers and other industrial applications where it's often necessary to wipe multiple hard drives simultaneously. Supporting the parallel erasure of upwards of 100 connected...

Program type: Data OnlyPrice: $350.00 Size: 565.8 MBBy: LSoft Technologies Inc.
9Platinum Hide IP (http://www.platinumhideip.com)

Use Platinum Hide IP to keep your real IP address hidden, surf anonymously, secure all the protocols on your PC, provide full encryption of your activity while working in Internet, and much more, all with the click of a button without any...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $19.95 Size: 2.2 MBBy: Platinum Hide IP
10Super Hide IP (http://www.superhideip.com)

Use Super Hide IP to keep your IP address hidden, surf anonymously, protect your identity and other personal information against hackers, and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with a simple click of "Hide IP" button....

Program type: SharewarePrice: $19.95 Size: 2.4 MBBy: Super Hide IP
11Clean Space 7.04 (http://www.cyrobo.com)

Clean Space is a powerful professional utility for cleaning up your computer from electronic garbage and protecting your online privacy. When we say 'garbage' we don't mean the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop! Real virtual garbage includes many...

Software Terms: Delete, Clean, Remove, Privacy, Cache, Logs, Temp, History, Cookies
Program type: FreePrice: Size: 13.8 MBBy: CyRobo S.R.O.
12Real Hide IP (http://www.real-hide-ip.com)

Real Hide IP is easy-to-use privacy software which allows you to conceal your IP address, choose IP country and surf anonymously. It can protect your privacy, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $19.95 Size: 2.3 MBBy: Real Hide IP
13G Security 1.0 (http://www.sites.google.com)

G Security is an easy to use Desktop locker/Screen locker developed for Microsoft Windows. It allows a user to securely lock down Windows in such a way that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorized user. G Security is light weight and easy to use...

Program type: Freeware Size: 1.3 MBBy: Leo Softwares - Malik Usman Aura
14Pro I.D. Guard 3.1.8 (http://www.rainmakersoftware.com)

You won't have to worry about your Identity Anymore! Pro I.D. Guard utilizes real-time detection of user identity modules to enhance your computers security. Pro I.D. Guard has been developed by Microsoft Windows Certified developers and it...

Program type: DemoPrice: $49.99 Size: 2.0 GBBy: Rainmaker Software Group, LLC
15ZDelete Internet Eraser 7.1.15 (http://www.ntfs.com)

ZDelete Internet Eraser is an internet eraser software which completely erases selected files, drives, folders, Internet Cache, Internet History, Internet Cookies, temporary files, etc. without any possibility of data recovery. It's the best for...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $29.00 Size: 15.8 MBBy: LSoft Technologies Inc.
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