CD Burners

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76MP3 MESA 1.0.3 (

MP3 ripper for CD to MP3 conversions with interface support for Portable MP3 players.

Program type: Freeware Size: 1.0 MBBy: Mp3mesa
77RhythmBox 0.8.5 (

RhythmBox is an MP3/OGG player for Linux and the GNOME desktop. It features easy playlist edition, CD-ripping, MP3 walkman support, Audio CD burning and internet radio playback. Its interface is strongly based on Apple's iTunes.

Program type: Freeware Size: 2.2 MBBy:

78cd/dvd AutoBackup 1.0 (

The project will allow me to put in a DVD or CD and the system will automatically detect which type of Media is and call the proper backend to deal with the files.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Cddvdautobackup
79cd2mp3 3.beta3 (

no-nonsence perl script for ripping a cd to mp3'ssmall and easy

Program type: Freeware Size: 74.9 KBBy: Cd2mp3
80MH-Ripper 0.0.2 (

MH-Ripper will become an 'all-in-one'-Tool for ripping audio-cd's to mp3/ogg including automatic creation of playlists and covers for customized mp3-samplers. - work is still in progress ...

Program type: Freeware Size: 23.6 KBBy:
81RIPPON! 0.08 (

RIPPON! is a CD ripping/encoding/tagging program, designed to be used independently of things like X and CDDB.

Program type: Freeware Size: 25.5 KBBy:
82StarBurn 14.1 (

StarBurn is a free and powerful tool that allows its users to grab, burn and master CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. The program supports all types of optical storage media (including CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, HD-DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM) and...

Software Terms: Cd, Dvd, Blu-Ray, Hd-Dvd, Burner, Recorder, Grabber, Ripper
Program type: Freeware Size: 19.6 MBBy: StarBurn Software
83SqueezeCenter Music Import 1.0 (

A plugin for SqueezeCenter which makes it easier to import CDs into your music library.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Squimport
84FreeBurner (

Open Source CD / DVD Burning library for Delphi, Includes the ISO9660 library to create ISO images, also the Audio library to help burn audio CDs, this library does not require any other software to work.

Program type: Freeware Size: 229.0 KBBy: Freeburner
85OGGShare 1.0 (

A p2p client used for sharing the music format Ogg Vorbis (, also has a built in player.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Oggshare
86Rat Rip 1.0 (

Rat Rip is a CD audio ripper / OggVorbis Encoder designed to record to ogg right from the CD using the CDDB for id3 tagging. Console and Tk versions available.

Program type: Freeware Size: 112.4 KBBy:
87arson2 0.9.8beta2 (

A KDE frontend to CD burning, and CD ripping tools, as well as encoders, decoders, and other audio tools. Currently supports many popular audio formats (decoding/burning, and ripping/encoding), as well as data burning, and basic image creation.

Program type: Freeware Size: 672.2 KBBy: Arson
88DCue 86 (

DCue is a command line tool for automatically generating audio cue sheets (.cue files) using the massive release database from to find artist names, track titles, durations and other information via the Discogs API. DCue is equally...

Program type: Freeware Size: 42.8 KBBy: Dcue
89BashBurn++ 1.0 (

BashBurn++ is the C++ port of BashBurn, a collection of shell scripts for simplifying CD/DVD burning in the console.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By:
90CDRip Ripping Library 1.0 (

CDRip is a library that provides methods for extracting data from audio CDs. It is used by many popular CD ripping applications such as CDex or BonkEnc. The library provides a C API to allow it's use from different programming languages.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By:
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