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46AIML_chung 1.0 (http://www.chungswebsite.blogspot.com)

AIML_chung is an AIML based standalone chat bot engine trial with dll , tts / espeak speech voices, synonyms substitutions, maths parser and 3D photorealistics openGL avatars written in compiled freebasic.Comes with GUI window and console...

Program type: Freeware Size: 15.1 MBBy: chungswebsite.blogspot.com
47FreeTTS-Android Interfacing 1.0 (http://www.freettsandroidi.sourceforge.net)

An Android application for interfacing with a FreeTTS server, in order to generate Text to Speech application inside Android emulator.

Program type: Freeware Size: 103.3 KBBy: Freettsandroidi

48Easy access to MS Speech API 4 and 5 21 (http://www.wtwsoft.narod.ru)

The Open Source [GNU GPL} library writed in Delphi, who provide easy access to MS Speech API (SAPI4 and SAPI5 like one) COM interface. The source code have sample to call it library for Delphi, Assembler, C#, C, Lasarus and FreeBasic.

Program type: Freeware Size: 1.1 MBBy: wtwsoft.narod.ru
49LexiTools Reminder 1.0 (http://www.lexitools.com)

Program for Polish-speaking people. Support in learning English words. Part of the LexiTools Project. Program dla uA?ytkownikA?w polsko-jA™zycznych. Wspomaga uczenie siA™ sA‚A?w jA™zyka angielskiego. CzA™A›A‡ projektu LexiTools.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: lexitools.com
50Bookular 1.0 (http://www.bookular.sourceforge.net)

A simple eBook reader that can read many formats. It can present a book-like format to you on screen, or can read the book to you, with the ability to pause, rewind a few words, and other useful functions.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Bookular
51CJ7 7 (http://www.cj7.sourceforge.net)

CJ7 is an open-source speech recognition engine.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Cj7
52HorlogeParlante 1.0 (http://www.sourceforge.net)

Horloge Parlante un bouton donne la date, un autre l'heure en FranA§ais

Program type: Freeware Size: 746.8 KBBy: Horlogeparlante
53Speech Recognition for iPhone 1.0 (http://www.iphonespeech.sourceforge.net)

This project is aimed at implementing a Continuous Speech recognition system for the iPhone. Once finished, this application for the iPhone can be used instead of the onscren keyboard on the iPhone.

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Iphonespeech
54ONZE Miner 20110228 (http://www.labbcat.sourceforge.net)

NB: ONZE Miner has been renamed LaBB-CAT, and active support has been moved to another sourceforge project: http://labbcat.sourceforge.net ONZE Miner was a browser-based linguistics research tool that stores audio recordings and...

Program type: Freeware Size: 31.9 MBBy: Onzeminer
55The Emu Speech Database System 4.2 (http://www.emu.sourceforge.net)

EMU is a collection of software tools for the creation, manipulation and analysis of speech databases. At the core of EMU is a database search engine which allows queries based on the sequential and hierarchical structure of the annotations.

Program type: Freeware Size: 18.8 MBBy: Emu
56Annotation Graph Toolkit 1.0 (http://www.ldc.upenn.edu)

AGTK is a suite of software components for building tools for annotating linguistic signals, time-series data which documents any kind of linguistic behavior (e.g. audio, video). The internal data structures are based on annotation graphs.

Program type: Freeware Size: 66.0 KBBy: ldc.upenn.edu
57Internet Text Radio 1.0 (http://www.text-radio.sourceforge.net)

Internet Text Radio,designed around freeTTS,connects to a text server and tunes to a channel.The server starts pumping text data for that channel to the client, which converts text to speech, playing back the text as audio,like an internet radio...

Program type: Freeware Size: 0By: Text-radio
58XChat TTS Script 1.0 (http://www.xchatttsscript.sourceforge.net)

XChat TTS script is an perl written XChat2 script that speaks out messages in irc channels, and more.It provides an interface to setup the functions or view the online help.

Program type: Freeware Size: 3.3 KBBy: Xchatttsscript
59MurmurLightAdmin 0.3.1 (http://www.murmurlightadmi.sourceforge.net)

Simple Perl CGI script to manage user registrations on a murmur server (mumble server), via D-BUS

Program type: Freeware Size: 41.3 KBBy: Murmurlightadmi
60Festival-gaim 1.1 (http://www.festival-gaim.sourceforge.net)

A plugin for gaim that interfaces with the popular program festival. It allows for instant messages to be spoken by festival so you can hear it thru your speakers.

Program type: Freeware Size: 27.9 KBBy: Festival-gaim
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