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61JRegexpTester 0.37 (

JRegexpTester is a standalone Swing software that helps you test regular expressions with the Sun Java standard API (java.util.regex). The extracted data can be modified with formatters similar to those used by sprintf, or with standard Java date...

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62ana2ecat 1.0.3 (

ana2ecat can convert Analyze 7.5 database(s) to ECAT 7 image volume or ECAT 6.3 image format.Program reads frame time information in SIF file, if that file is located in the Analyze database directory and if it is named with *.sif...

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63Overlapping Peaks 1.0 (

Analyze chromatographic peaks of unequal height with this tool. Overlapping Peaks can simulate the quantification error made when dealing with chromatographic peaks of unequal height. The user may experiment with different peak positions, heights...

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64Dimedris 2.1 Build 47 (

Analyze MRI images fast and easy. Dimedris help you evaluate MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) images obtained by MRI device Siemens "Impact Expert". All that you have to do is load the image and you can start your analysis.Please Note:...

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65LinACalc (

Created to ease the complication and tedium of writing linear algebra equations LinACalc not only supports the basic operations you'd expect but also advanced convenience operations. With nearly two dozen matrix, vector and quaternion convenience...

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66mfcalc 2.0 (

mfcalc is a small Bison calculator, runs from Command Prompt. A list with the supported symbols is included within root folder.

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67dftdecay 4.1.1 (

Correct PET TAC files fast and easy. dftdecay can help you correct PET TAC files for physical decay, or removes decay correction.This software is command prompt based, so dont expect any fancy interface to guide you through the whole process. So,...

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68Neurotask Alpha 02 (

Simulate neural networks with this software. Neurotask is a simple neural network(s) simulator.Requirements:* Java

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69GEAX 1.5 (

Tool for visualizing the microarray of gene expressions. GEAX is a Java software used to visualize and analyze cross-species gene expression microarray data.The software allows comparisons based on fold-change, p-value, quantile matching, or a...

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70MRmap 1.2 (

Explore and analyze MRI images. MRmap was developed to allow for creating of various sorts of parametric "maps" of magnetic resonance (MR) relaxation times on a pixel-by-pixel basis from different types of MR images. This version...

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71PasCalc 1.1 (http://www.https:)

PasCalc is simple calculator, values converter and plotter writed in Free PascalFeatures:1. Calculating basic expressions and functions2. Working with complex numbers3. Working in Windows and Windows Mobile

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72Solar System Simulation 1.0 (

A solar system simulation in three dimensions. Study the Solar System with this tool. Solar System Simulation help you analyze the Solar System. For a better understanding the simulation is designed to show you the Solar System in three...

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73blotimes 1.1.0 (

Correct sample times in Scanditronics data. blotimes can correct or list the sample times in Scanditronics or GEMS on-line blood sampler (blood pump) data. Correct decay correction will bepossible only if blood sampling start time is correct...

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74Ikeda Delay Differential Equation Model 1.0 (

Investigate the dynamics of a delay differential equation. Ikeda Delay Differential Equation model shows the dynamics of a delay differential equation that depends on the value of the dynamical variable x(t) at a previous time x(t-?). Sprott shows...

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75dChip 1.0 (

Gene expression microarrays analysis made easy. dChip is for probe-level like the Affymetrix platform and high-level analysis of gene expression microarrays and SNP microarrays.Gene expression or SNP data from various microarray platforms can also...

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