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121Conductivity 1.04 (

Conductivity analyze conductivity. Experiment with conductivity in metals, plastics and photoconductors. See why metals conduct and plastics don't, and why some materials conduct only when you shine a flashlight on them.Sample Learning Goals1....

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122ME Weights 3.0 (

This software calculates the volume and weight of any combination of twenty shapes and a large variety of materials commonly used in manufacturing and construction.

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123TreeRot 3.0 (

Determine Bremer support indices with this tool. TreeRot aids in the determination of decay or Bremer support indices (Bremer 1988) by generating a command file for PAUP or PAUP* (Swofford 1993, 2002). The command file includes 1) a constraint...

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124Open Babel 2.3.1 (

Open Babel is a chemical toolbox designed to speak the many languages of chemical data. It's an open, collaborative project allowing anyone to search, convert, analyze, or store data from molecular modeling, chemistry, biochemistry, or related...

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125Electrical Calculator 3.0 (

Makes Electrical Calculations a Piece of Cake.Selecting overload protection and wires for transformers involves number of rules that change with transformer size, type, and placement of the overload protection. This calculator helps determine the...

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126kMeans 1.0 (

Genetic marker data clustering made easy. K-Means clustering divides a number of objects into a a priori assigned number (k) of groups in such a way that the among-groups Sum of Squares is maximised. This software can perform the clustering on...

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1271-D Elastic-Plastic Impact Simulation 1.0 (

1-D Elastic-Plastic Impact Simulation is a software to simulate elastic-plastic impact. In the left panel of the main window you can enter all the data you want to evaluate and press the Start button in order to start the simulation. The results...

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128Ophthalmology Calculator 6.0 (

Ophthalmology Calculator is a convenient ophthalmology calculator. Ophthalmology Calculator is a professional ophthalmology calculator. The program contain two parts; IOL power calculator (SRK/T, Hoffer Q, Haigis, Holladay I, SRK II, and Binkhorst...

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129ChIPMonk 1.2.3 (

A ChIP on Chip Analysis tool. ChIPMonk is a software for viewing and analysing ChIP on Chip data. It maps one or more sets of array data onto an annotated genome assembly and provides stastical tools to filter the data and reporting tools to...

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130YFitter 0.2 Beta (

Yfitter is a software for assigning Y chromosome haplogroups to individuals sequenced at low coverage. It uses a dynamic programming approach to find the maximum likelihood haplogroup given the reads observed, and is designed to be used in a...

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131Square Proximity (

Demonstrates the use of a square proximity algorithm. Draws squares on a form using some techniques from the Drawing.Drawing2D namespace. Also demonstrates how to open a particular directory folder using Windows Explorer. Some pretty useful code...

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132Build An Atom 1.00 (

Build atoms with this application. Build an atom out of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and learn about its mass, charge, structure, and nomenclature.Sample Learning Goals1. Describe the structure of an atom2. Connect protons to element...

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133Pi Calculator Alpha 2 (http://www.https:)

Pi Calculator - for use as a benchmark or to compute Pi, help you calculate PI and allows you to save it to a file. It is back in development into Ramanujans Formula.Requirements:* .NET Framework

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134Finaltec Hart Analyzer 0.6.0 Beta (

Finaltec Hart Analyzer is a simple library to communicate with field devices via HART, allows you to communicate with field devices via HART protocol. You can use this library for simple hart communication with field devices.

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135crscale 1.0.0 (

Count rate file with this software. crscale help you scale a count rate file into the level of a time activity curve (TAC) in DFT file.DFT file is assumed to contain two columns: time column and one TAC. If more than one TACs exist, only the first...

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