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16The Clump language b (

The Clump language proposes a natural evolution of the basic Object-Oriented paradigm revisiting the duality existing between the data and the knowledge. This implies a design based on Class-Oriented and Pattern-Oriented approaches in a same language

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17The Orca Programming Language b.0.5 (

orca is yet another script language which supports OO &amp; distribute processing &amp; functional programming aspects. And It's useful in string processing with decode statements &amp; regular expression in it.

Program type: Freeware Size: 6.3 MBBy: Orca-lang

18FeatureC++ 1.0 (

FeatureC++ is an extension of C++ that supports feature-oriented programming (FOP). ...generate tailor-made software by composing C++ classes according to a feature selection!

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19Hipo - Hypothetical Computer 2.0.1 (

Hipo is a hypothetical computer to facilitate the learning of machine language. The student can use hipo to develop simple programs and understand the internal logic of a computer. There is a plan to implement Donald Knuth's MMIX machine...

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20vmlib 1.0 (

vmlib is a project aimed at developing a set of classes which would aid the development and testing of virtual machines and assemblers. It is implemented in Qt/C++.

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21SPL - Programming Language 1.0 (

The purpose of this project is to design and implement a new computer language for application development. The two main goals are to make this new language as easy to use as possible while still being powerful.

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22Java WorkBench Programming Widget 1.0 (

Learn JAVA Binary Programming. This Desktop Programming Resource has packaged NetBeans &amp; Eclipse along with a complete Programming Information Resource and Access to Forums and Libraries. (Requires JDK be installed in order to run). [See...

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23Compile C into bytecode 1.0 (

The aim of this project is to create a fully functional C compiler that translate into bytecode.

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24avram - applicative virtual machine 0.1.0 (

avram is a virtual machine emulator with strong support for functional programming operations suchas list processing. It also allows interoperability of virtual code with other applications by way ofthe expect library.

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25Operno 5.50 (

A dynamic and object-oriented programming language for developing extensions of modifiable applications. Features: OOP, flexible syntax, vectorial operations, dynamic linked lists, IDE, HTML generator, includeable DLL an so on.

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26Objective Lua 0.1 (

Objective Lua is a dialect of Lua extended with syntax borrowed from Objective C to add object orientation support.

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27JBurg 1.18 (

Java-based BURG (code emitter generator), used by Adobe ASC 2.0 and Apache Falcon ActionScript compilers.

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28Zim Toolbox 1.0 (

Java tools for developing and migrating Zim 4.0 applications.

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29OCarrot 1.0 (

An implementation of the Objective Caml ( language for the Parrot ( virtual machine.

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30JPDL 1.0 (

A static analyzer for Java programs that checks for design guidelines. The project is adopted from PDL (

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