2 player tap tap fun;Thall

tap tap battle? 2 player finger tap party game?tap tap fun game? Ice breaker game? Conversation starter game? what ever you call it, this fun game is sure to give you one hell of an awesome single player / 2 player finger tap battle gaming ...

2 player tap tap fun;Thall 1.0
Publisher: CIED License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 10 June, 2014
File Size: 3.1 MB Downloads: 2
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Systems: Android, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


tap tap battle? 2 player finger tap party game?tap tap fun game? Ice breaker game? Conversation starter game? what ever you call it, this fun game is sure to give you one hell of an awesome single player / 2 player finger tap battle gaming experience.
Feeling bored in class? looking for a fun 2 player finger tap battle game to play with your friend in class? wanted to break the ice with a smart girl or boy in class though a fun game? All you have to do is take this game to them and play. This fun single/2 player finger tap game will help you get engaged with your buddies. No complex gaming involved. All you have to do is just tap tap tap and tap the button!
This simple game play makes it suitable for:
- Players of all ages right from little kids from play school to college students to grandpa's.
- Playing as a fun family game between dad and mom or family game between dad with his little kids or family game with mom and her little kids.
- Girl games category and guy games category.
Thall is a social game which can be played either in single player mode or two player mode.
2 Player Mode:
There will be 2 buttons on the either side of the screen. The cute little worm "Thall" will be present at the centre of the screen between two flags. The aim of each player is to make our cute little worm "Thall" reach the flag at the opponents side. It is played by two players by simultaneously tapping on the button present on their side of the screen. The one who taps faster wins the battle.
the 2 player mode is the most addictive part of the game. This section often brings the best of 2 player fun gaming experience. some times 2 player mode makes the players so aggressive that it may even break the screen of their phone or tablet. its often fun to play the 2 player mode to break the ice with a new friend.
Single player Mode:
In this mode there will be one button. You are given 30 seconds to tap it as fast as you can. who ever has got the highest tap tap frequency gets to the top scorers list
Who all can play this:
Right from little kids to fun loving grandpa's
Where all are this game usually played:
Party games, ice breaker games, classroom games, fun games
If your are looking for addicting fun games which involves just tap tap or fun games which involves just tap which are played between two players simultaneously on the same screen, this is probably one among the hottest button tap tap fun games.The amount of fun you get while playing this as a party game, fighting game or classroom game makes it to easily suite into fun games category. You can challenge your friend or colleague for playing this game with you and it sure will bring a serious tap tap fighting championship feel between you two making this into addicting games list of yours. Also if you enjoy to smash something on your phone, the single player mode lets you smash the button that runs around. You get 30 seconds to smash it as much as you can and the end it show you your smashing frequency. If your a really good button smasher, you get to our top button smashers list ;)

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