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Open Microsoft Access database on your Android Device with Access Database Manager, you can view it easily with Zoom, Sort and Paging. You can even edit it directly on your phone or pad with in-app purchase feature 'Edit Data'.********** 'Access ...

Access Database Manager 2.6.1
Publisher: John Li License: Shareware
Version: 2.6.1 Date Added: 23 February, 2014
File Size: 2.6 MB Downloads: 4
Price: $4.99 Editor Rating:
Systems: Android, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


Open Microsoft Access database on your Android Device with Access Database Manager, you can view it easily with Zoom, Sort and Paging. You can even edit it directly on your phone or pad with in-app purchase feature 'Edit Data'.
********** 'Access Database Manager' available on Android, Mac and iOS **********
User Guide on Youtube:
Support Access Database Version:
* Microsoft Access 2000
* Microsoft Access 2002
* Microsoft Access 2003
* Microsoft Access 2007
* Microsoft Access 2010
* Microsoft Access 2013
* Support mdb and accdb MS Access database format.
* Build-in file explorer to find database files on your Android Device
* Open Database from Dropbox , Email Attachment and other File Explorer/File Manager
* Share/Send database file via email or Dropbox
* View table data with paging list
* Sort table data by touch on the column header
* Share table data in CSV file format
* Zoom View Table Data
* UI Theme Cool Black and White
* UI works well on phone and pad device
* Open encrypt database (version 2000~2010)
* Big database support, tested on 300MB size database, table rows over 2 million
* Cancel current data load by touch the Back button when it's too much data
* Set max rows on menu Setting UI ( If your phone have very limit memory, change this lower if app crash because not enough of memory )
* Browser data after 'Max View Rows' by touch next to fetch next bulk(Max View Rows) of rows. The first,last,sort only apply to current bulk rows.
In-App feature buttons and menus will be available once you buy it. Each one is under $5 (2014/5/31).
Google Play Store will prompt the price after you touch the 'Purchase or Restore' button in App.
In-app Purchase "DB Creator":
* Create Database
* Create Table UI Guide
* Create View based on filter and columns
* Create contact table by import phone contacts, you can also choose to import call log (use it for backup or search)
* Create SMS table by import phone SMS (use it for backup or search)
In-app Purchase "QuickLook":
* View Row Detail data
* View photo in the database
* Share detail record data via email
* Show geo location data on map
* HTML View with Customisable Template, template included sample Pie Char, Bar Chart, Line Chart, you can modify it to suit your needs. (Chart need internet access to use Google Service.)
In-app Purchase "Edit Data":
* 10+ Input Controls, include Text Input, Number Input, Color Chooser, Checkbox, Dropdown single select, multi-select, Geolocation Map, Camera/Photo Image, Barcode Scan ...
* Insert/Delete/Update Row Data
* Quick Update Single Field
* Date Time control for update date value
* Color Picker to update column 'color'
* Photo update support, take photo or select from photo library
* Import CSV data to table
* Delete all rows
* Get Geolocation data by search address field, and update it to your data
( the data format is {lat:12.346,lon:78.012} )
* Update Geolocation data by point and choose on Map
( Two format support: 1. latitude,longitude column 2. {lat:12.346,lon:78.012} )
In-app Purchase "Advanced Search and Filter":
* Filter on specific column
* Combined search criteria on columns
* Select column to show
* Drag Drop Re-order column to show
* Create Search Form to reuse with customised UI
In-app Purchase "Convert DB":
* Choose file from build-in file explorer or Dropbox to find CSV, XLS, PDB files and convert it automatically
* Convert Excel (XLS format support only, XLSX not support yet) to Access database directly
* Convert CSV file to Access Database directly
* Convert Palm Database standard PDB format file to Access Database
In-app Purchase "Form Designer":
* Design your customised edit/update form
* All data editor control reuse support
* Native UI Control
Do I need buy all the in-app features?
Only if you need them all, it's common to use one or two of the in-app features.
Questions, Feedback, Feature Request and/or Great Ideas?
Please send us email:

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