Anatomy Star - CNS (the Brain)

Advanced Anatomy of the Central Nervous System!Learn anatomy in an easy and fun way.With 131 different anatomical structures in latin.If you're studying medicine want to be a doctor or a physician in the future this is a great app - perfect for ...

Anatomy Star - CNS (the Brain) 1.2.2
Publisher: 4Stars License: Freeware
Version: 1.2.2 Date Added: 29 September, 2014
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Advanced Anatomy of the Central Nervous System!
Learn anatomy in an easy and fun way.
With 131 different anatomical structures in latin.
If you're studying medicine want to be a doctor or a physician in the future this is a great app - perfect for medical students.
All the anatomical words are in Latin and some of them also have some special characters for pronunciation help.
The app include these different main structures:
- Cerebrum
- Diencephalon
- Cerebellum
- Brainstem
- Medulla spinalis
- Meninges
- Cerebrospinal fluid
- Nervi craniales
Notice: You will have to download Adobe Air after the installation, in order for the app to work. This is beacause the Anatomy Star app is based on flash. Adobe Air helps this flash to run on your device. Adobe Air is one of the most downloaded apps in the app stores around the world.
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