Aurora Crash by TEST Squadron

The glorious game that supposedly delayed the launch of Dog Fighting Module for Star Citizen is mobile! Expect your bio-breaks to become much more productive with Aurora Crash for Android.Story Behind Its Conception:So it was a dark ...

Aurora Crash by TEST Squadron 0.02
Publisher: TEST Developer License: Freeware
Version: 0.02 Date Added: 2 May, 2014
File Size: 12.0 MB Downloads: 2
Editor Rating:
Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


The glorious game that supposedly delayed the launch of Dog Fighting Module for Star Citizen is mobile! Expect your bio-breaks to become much more productive with Aurora Crash for Android.
Story Behind Its Conception:
So it was a dark and glo...forget it. It was Friday night and a couple of guys were without alcohol and bored out of their minds (with dog fighting module launch still more than month to go). One of these guys by the name of Montoya brought up a brilliant suggestion to create a FlappyBird clone for Star Citizen and thus Aurora Crash was born.
What started out as a simple skinning of a open-source project however turned into a feverish coding as the coder in the team (H0und) rewrote much of the code in order to include new features such as an "Enlist" button for TEST Squadron (I mean we spent at least 5 hours on this gotta make it count :P) and brushed up on other parts.
During this long process we decided that we also needed a mute button, not for the sake of the players, but we literally were going out of minds after listening to 8-Bit render of "Black and Yellow" chorus for nigh on 5 hours straight. And thus the mute button was born (I'm pretty sure those at work will appreciate this :P).
Overall it was a great project to work on and I really am amazed at how to community came together so quickly to work on this project. I would like to personally thank Montoya (original idea), Chrizz (server stuff), H0und (code), JoeCool (artwork), TESTers (hehehe inside joke?), and original creators of FlyingDog who were nice enough to have their project be open-source.
Original Launch Thread:

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