Axalot Backup Software

Thousands of reasons to back up your data online. My family photo album. My thesis. My son's homework. The book I'm writing. My wife's bank statements. My e-mails. My life.

Axalot Backup Software
Publisher: Axalot License: Freeware
Version: Date Added: 30 January, 2010
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Systems: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
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Why is Axalot better than a virtual safe?Virtual safes require manual backup, Axalot brings you an automated backup solution. You have nothing to do once you've installed the software.Where is my data stored?The Axalot automatic online backup solution keeps your data on our secure servers located in the Paris region in France.Will my documents really remain confidential?All the Axalot solutions use a very efficient security system based on encryption. Your data are therefore encrypted when it is sent and remain encrypted until they are effectively backed up on the Axalot servers.I want to remain in control of the operations.Won't the automatic procedure remove control from my hands? With the Axalot solution, you can choose, in complete freedom, to back up all your data or select the files or folders to backup.What will be the "weight" of this software on my computer?Axalot is an invisible software! It needs only a very small percentage of your computer's system resources to run and does not slow down your computer in any way.If there is a problem, maybe I won't need to retrieve everything.If you need to find specific items, you can retrieve one or more specific files in a location of your choice on your hard disk, in the version that you want. But of course, you can also retrieve all your data!I'd like to find an older version of a text.When you write a text on your computer or create a folder, you often go through a series of intermediate stages and successive saves that remove previous versions. The Axalot solution offers you the possibility of retrieving all the previous versions of the same file.How much does all this cost?Nothing! We are not offering a confusion of payment plans, incomprehensible offers and vague proposals: Axalot is proposing its free 2 GB version that will enable you to benefit from all its automatic online backup features, remote access and file-sharing solutions.

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