Axence NetTools Professional

Axence NetTools Professional is a set of essential networking tools that includes network monitoring, port scanner, NetStat, TCP/IP Workshop, graphical ping, Traceroute, Bandwidth measuring, SNMP browser and more.

Axence NetTools Professional
Publisher: License: Shareware
Version: Date Added: 7 September, 2012
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Systems: Windows


Axence NetTools Professional is a set of essential networking tools that includes network monitoring, port scanner, NetStat, TCP/IP Workshop, graphical ping, Traceroute, Bandwidth measuring, SNMP browser and more. You can monitor ping responses from multiple devices or websites and be alerted via email, sound or message dialog when a server becomes unavailable. The TCP/IP Workshop allows you to troubleshoot TCP/IP problems by establishing a manual TCP connection with a host. Other features include statistical history graphs and export to HTML, XML and CSV.Axence NetTools Professional is a comprehensive set of network administration tools: NetWatch for network monitoring with alerting, WinTools listing exhaustive system information from Windows computers, port scanner, network scanner, NetStat listing local connections, TCP/IP workshop, ping, fast traceroute, DNS lookup, bandwidth test tool, SNMP browser and more. Free version available!* NetWatchMonitors the availability of several hosts and their response times. You can set several thresholds so that NetTools will notify you by e-mail, message or sound in case of host not responding or slower connection. NetWatch provides very clear real-time and historical charts of a response time and percentage of packets lost. As with all the other tools, you can export this information as text, Excel and html files.* WinToolsLists exhaustive system information from Windows computers: running processes & services, registry, event log, disk, memory & CPU information, and much more. You can also define your own queries.* NetStatDisplays all the inbound and outbound connections to your computer and lists all open ports. Additionally, NetStat maps open ports and established connections to the owning application.* Local infoDisplays several tables with important information about your local configuration: network statistics for TCP/UDP and ICMP, IP address table, ARP table, IP routing table, and network adapter info.* Network scannerWould you like to find all the nodes in a network (including remote networks)? No problem. Just enter the IP range to check and you will quickly get a list of nodes and the services running on them. This software also discovers some Trojans and spyware.* Service & port scannerAllows you to check for all open ports and running services (HTTP, POP3, MS SQL, Oracle and 50 other). It not only checks if the port is open, but also sends a request and checks whether a reply meets specific criteria. It can also discover some Trojans and spyware.* TCP/IP workshopProvides you with the capability to establish low-level TCP and UDP connections to troubleshoot and test different networking services. With this tool, you can send raw data to any port on a remote computer. You can also listen in on any local port to see all incoming data.* SNMP BrowserA full SNMP browser, so easy you can use it even if you don't know a thing about SNMP.* Other toolsFast traceroute shows information about every host on the route, its response time, and packets lost (full trace within 1 second). Lookup is like nslookup, but it shows you all DNS and WHOIS records at once. Bandwidth tool will measure network performance. NetCheck - with this tool you can check the quality of network hardware in your LAN.

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