AXIGEN Enterprise Edition for Windows OS

AXIGEN Mail Server - a complete messaging solution backed up by first rate tech support; available for Windows Server 2003/2008; (E)SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/Webmail, centralized Web/CLI Admin, Groupware, Personal Organizer, FREE technical support.

AXIGEN Enterprise Edition for Windows OS 7.2.0
Publisher: GECAD TECHNOLOGIES License: Shareware
Version: 7.2.0 Date Added: 13 October, 2009
File Size: 22.1 MB Downloads: 40
Price: $695.00 Editor Rating: 5 Stars
Systems: Windows2003
System requirements: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Intel x86, 256 RAM, 100 MB


A perfect answer to the complex challenges and requirements of collaborative Enterprises, the AXIGEN Enterprise Edition features Groupware, Personal Organizer, Public Folders, Account Classes and much more. This solution targets businesses with elaborate hierarchies and managing one or more offices.Main services: (E)SMTP/IMAP/POP3/WebMail, List Server, advanced Logging/Reporting, centralized WEB/CLI Administration. AXIGEN is available for Windows Server 2003/2008 operating systems.Groupware and collaboration:-Shared folders and permissions-Free/Busy status-Send emails in the name of another user-Fast AXIGEN Outlook Connector (online/offline modes, Outbox functionality, per-folder synchronization)Time management:-Skinnable&multilanguage Standard WebMail Interface (HTML editor, RPOP, temporary email addresses)-Personal Organizer (includes Calendar/Journal/Tasks/Notes, iCal/Webcal access on Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning, Apple iCal, Korganizer etc)-Address book (personal, public, domain contacts)-User groups, mailing lists, replace offensive words in messages-Desktop-like Ajax WebMail Interface (keyboard navigation&shortcuts, drag-and-drop, continuous scrolling)-Push Email&PIM Synchronization functionalities - available as add-onsPush Email add-on for 5 users included.Server security:-Multiple AntiVirus&AntiSpam support-Anti-impersonation policies-DomainKeys, SPF-Add-on: Commtouch Real Time AntiSpam ProtectionPowerful technology:-Single storage of emails sent to multiple recipients-Comprehensive charts, statistics-FTP Backup and Restore-Automatic migrationActive Directory synchronization:-2-Way synchronization (Account and Group creation/deletion, Group membership etc)-Active Directory User Management Console integration-Increased manageability of domain accounts and group membership

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