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AKVIS Stamp by AKVIS LLC - AKVIS Stamp - Image Healing Tool for

AKVIS Stamp 3.0 (

AKVIS Stamp is a photo retouching tool for seamless defects removal and objects cloning. AKVIS Stamp allows enhancing portraits (as it brilliantly removes wrinkles, scars, scratches, porous skin) and retouching of different image flaws (stains,...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $49.00 Size: 5.9 MBBy: AKVIS LLC
AKVIS Chameleon by AKVIS LLC - Chameleon is an efficient and easy to handle

AKVIS Chameleon 5.0 (

AKVIS Chameleon is an efficient tool for photo collage creation. This ingenious software makes the process easy and entertaining. Earlier one had to thoroughly select an object for pasting into a new background; with this software this tedious...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $75.00 Size: 8.3 MBBy: AKVIS LLC
AKVIS Noise Buster by AKVIS LLC - Software for noise suppression on digital

AKVIS Noise Buster 6.0 (

AKVIS Noise Buster is software for noise suppression on digital and scanned images.
Digital cameras opened the door to easy and entertaining photography. However, consumer digital cameras also have their drawbacks: they often produce the...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $49.00 Size: 14.4 MBBy: AKVIS LLC
AKVIS Frame Suite by AKVIS LLC - Frame Suite is an impressing collection of

AKVIS Frame Suite 2.5 (

AKVIS Frame Suite is an impressing collection of edge effects for decoration of photos. The software offers a great variety of photo frame versions (from classic to most fancy frame samples) as well as gives an opportunity to generate a frame out...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $49.00 Size: 23.9 MBBy: AKVIS LLC
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