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kBilling - Invoice Software by K Software - Powerful, Easy-to-Use Billing Software

kBilling - Invoice Software 3.9.0 (

kBilling can process an unlimited number of customers, invoices, products, and services. if you have multiple companies, you can consolidate all of them in kBilling. The program is network-ready, allowing you to access your billing and invoicing...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $99.00 Size: 5.5 MBBy: K Software
kCharge by K Software - Premium software to charge credit cards from

kCharge 2.0 (

kCharge is a powerful Windows application that provides a fast, safe, and secure way to process incoming credit card payments on your PC. kCharge works with your existing credit card merchant account and all of the major Internet gateways to...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $79.00 Size: 8.3 MBBy: K Software
RightClickEncrypt by K Software - Strong Encryption Software for your PC

RightClickEncrypt 2.0.1 (

RightClickEncrypt provides one-click file and folder encryption straight through Windows Explorer. No complicated software to use, just right-click on any file, folder, or group of files or folders and select "RightClickEncrypt", then...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $9.99 Size: 3.5 MBBy: K Software
kSign by K Software - kSign - The FREE Code Signing Utility

kSign 2.0 (

kSign will digitally sign EXE,DLL,COM,CAB and OCX files - without signtool.exe!
Digitally sign your files one at a time or all in a batch with the easiest code signing utility available. kSign does NOT require signcode.exe or signtool.exe or...

Program type: Freeware Size: 3.0 MBBy: K Software
PandoraBrowse by K Software - Want to use Pandora.

PandoraBrowse 1 1 (

Want to use but tired of worrying about keeping a browser open? PandoraBrowse is for you! Free, fast and easy to use - PandoraBrowse is the single best tool for the music service.PandoraBrowse is a mini-browser for the...

Program type: Freeware Size: 345.0 KBBy: K Software
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