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1st Mail Sender by SoftFolder Inc - Maintain subscription-based mailing lists

1st Mail Sender 4.2 (

1st Mail Sender is a powerful program used for sending notification messages or requested newsletters to your subscribers by email. Providing some service, you would like to notify your users about significant events, send invoices or price lists...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $69.00 Size: 1.7 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Advanced Security Level by SoftFolder Inc - The Internet security, computer security and

Advanced Security Level 7.6 (

Advanced Security Level is the best computer security application for Windows-based computers. It gives you an excellent administrative support to control the user access rights for your computer by setting up the desired access control level for...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $69.00 Size: 1.0 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Classic Pythagorean Puzzles by SoftFolder Inc - Train your brain and brains of your children

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles 1.82 (

Classic games and challenging puzzles are fun for games lovers. Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is the best variation of tile-based antique Greek games offered by Pythagoras as an excellent brain trainer for abstract thinking. The objective of the...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $11.00 Size: 639.0 KBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Easy SMTP Server by SoftFolder Inc - Get secure and easy way to send the

Easy SMTP Server 2.9 (

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Every time you change your location connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $49.00 Size: 1.2 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Internet Access Manager by SoftFolder Inc - Schedule your access to Internet or to

Internet Access Manager 1.22 (

Internet Access Manager is a nifty utility you can use to schedule and simplify your access to the Internet or to another computer. It's designed to help you make and maintain Internet connection with as little fuss as possible. It has integrated...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $20.00 Size: 704.0 KBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Rich Mailer by SoftFolder Inc - Maintain subscribal mailing lists and

Rich Mailer 3.1 (

Maintain subscribal mailing lists and broadcast personalized e-mail messages with easy and fast Rich mailer. This mass mailer is handy for various Internet professionals and on-line store owners to notify their customers of significant events or...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $69.00 Size: 926.0 KBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Secure Clean PC by SoftFolder Inc - Schedule removing evidence from your PC that

Secure Clean PC 2.4 (

When you work on your computer surfing the Internet, paying your bills online, logging in with passwords, your PC records the information traces of all your actions. For example, the history of all web sites you visited, all the pictures you...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $59.00 Size: 1.1 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Complete Mail Server by SoftFolder Inc - Get professional SMTP/POP3 mail server for

Complete Mail Server 1.7 (

Complete Mail Server is high-performance professional SMTP/POP3 server software engineered for corporations and ISPs to satisfy business needs in ultra fast, flexible and reliable mail server. It works along with any email program or mailer and...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $95.00 Size: 1.7 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Public Access Desktop by SoftFolder Inc - Make an Internet kiosk or a foolproof public

Public Access Desktop 5.5 (

Use Public Access Desktop to make a foolproof workstation easily and safely used in any public place, where people have free access to it, but nobody of them can configure the system or clutter the hard disk with garbage (whether accidentally or...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $69.00 Size: 2.8 MBBy: SoftFolder Inc
Password Protected Lock by SoftFolder Inc - Password Protected Lock is an excellent

Password Protected Lock 2 92 (

Password Protected Lock is an excellent security computer lock you can use to secure your PC and protect your privacy. It is attractive, secure, and very easy to use. It starts automatically with Windows and optionally activates desktop lock with...

Program type: SharewarePrice: $20.00 Size: 724.0 KBBy: SoftFolder Inc
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