compiler manifest wrapper

this is a compiler wrapper made to wrap - borland c++ 5.5.1 (no longer available, *bc*) - DJGPP (gp.cmd,older gp.bat,*gp*) - mingw and mingw-w64 compilers (install-compilers.

compiler manifest wrapper 1.0
Publisher: Compilerwrapper License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 5 June, 2013
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this is a compiler wrapper made to wrap
- borland c++ 5.5.1 (no longer available, *bc*)
- DJGPP (gp.cmd,older gp.bat,*gp*)
- mingw and mingw-w64 compilers (install-compilers.cmd, zap*, *gw2*)
- mingw-w64 vityan compiler batch files for ubuntu natty and freebsd (*gwix*) are packaged with set just above. currently, you still have to specify exe or dll even there is no extension of linux binaries. it is not setup yet for .so files. I will need to do something for those.

These are distributed as separate zip files, and are updated and upgraded whenever I see a bug, or need a feature.

Help on is --help
They are meant to be run under windows.
gw.cmd, bc2.cmd, gp.cmd, gwix.cmd are your compiler wrapper batch files you will be using.

gw2.cmd and bc2.cmd and gwix.cmd generate both 32 and 64-bit executables in a 32\ and 64\ directory automatically and copy the minimum DLL's needed.

you must edit some of the batch files to configure them for your environment.

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