Concrete Design Library

Concrete Design Library
Publisher: Digital Canal Corporation License: Shareware
Version: Date Added: 13 November, 2008
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Concrete Beam Design - NEW! Digital Canal's Concrete Beam Design, unlike most competing programs, was written to design reinforced concrete beams completely and accurately.  So while competing programs simply give an area of steel and a few other details, Concrete Beam Design checks all the ACI (2002) provisions for strength,  serviceability and constructability.   Outputs include section dimensions, the size, number and cutoff locations for longitudinal reinforcement in positive and negative moment regions as well as the number and distribution of stirrups.  All designs satisfy secondary considerations such as crack control, minimum reinforcement, development length, deflection (including time effects), tension zone cuts and compression steel.   Concrete Column Design Digital Canal's Concrete Column Design, like all Digital Canal software, provides the quickest and most complete solution to your engineering design problems. The program will design or check concrete columns for axial tension, compression and biaxial moments.   Concrete Column not only determines the number and orientation of bars but can also optimize the column's cross section dimensions.  Determination of slenderness is handled via moment magnifiers, which are computed by the program.  Output also includes a to-scale graphic of the column cross section that can be printed or saved to a DXF.   Spread Footing Design Digital Canal's Spread Footing Design program is by far the most productive footing design program available.  Every practical footing design consideration is covered.  The program is clean and simple--the easy, refreshing, no-nonsense interface keeps you "cranking out footings" as fast as possible. Unlike some competing programs, Spread Footing Design is based on tried and true engineering principles--you don't need, or even want, an FE model to design a common spread footing! Multiple Load Footing Multiple Load Footing is a sophisticated, yet simple to use program for the design of strip footings (e.g., combined footings, grade beams, strap footings, trapezoidal etc.).  Multiple Load Footing is best suited for the design of footings that support more than one collinear column (columns that lie on the same line). Since such footings are all but impossible to solve with closed form methods, Multiple Load Footing uses a Finite Element model based on the Winkler foundation. Call today for this fantastic limited-time offer or inquire about other bundle pricing specials available this month! Offer Expires 2/28/06. Digital Canal Corporation Try it for free - 800-449-5033

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