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Credit Detailer is a useful software that was designed to help an individual run their own credit coaching business including credit repair tools. was designed for 2 purposes:

First to help ALL people understand their credit

Credit Detailer 3. 3. 2000
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Credit Detailer is a useful software that was designed to help an individual run their own credit coaching business including credit repair tools. was designed for 2 purposes:

First to help ALL people understand their credit reporting (Easily and FREE), and
Second to educate people on looking at their own credit for errors.

Many People who have credit history fall into one of these categories:

Don't know exactly what "credit" means

Don't have any idea what is on their credit report

Don't know what to do in the event of an error/mistake on their credit report

Have false information from identity theft, computer errors, or customer service rep information.

How many times have you heard, "Don't worry Mr.& Mrs. Jones, I'll take care of that. It won't show up on your credit." Only to find out months (or even years) later when you are buying or refinancing a home or getting a new car or insurance, that the mistake still exists! So, how do you get that information corrected? When you call back to the same customer service number, either the Representative you spoke to no longer works there or there is no record in the system of the previous conversation the new representative can find. In some rare cases, you may even find the company doesn't exist anymore or that account doesn't exist anymore. So how does it still show up on your credit report?

You, like many others, have fallen victim to the credit reporting nightmare that many people face. You probably have asked:

Who is right and who is wrong?
And if I'm right, who do I tell?
And how do I tell them?
What do I do if the company that made the mistake is wrong and doesn't exist anymore?
What do I do if just keep getting the run around from the people who are responsible?
Hearing the numerous complaints over and over from everyone, and through extensive learning on our part, we came up with a way to help everyone who needs it. Getting the knowledge in your hands one of the things we teach you.

CreditDetailer was researched and designed for any individual who wants to learn about their credit report and review it for accuracy. If there are errors or mistakes, we simplify the learning curve and process for resolving the truth. We also designed this for those of you wanting to help others achieve the credit standing they deserve.

Not everyone wants to spend their time dealing with credit, but since it is so important in the financial world, we want to help give you a jump-start on looking at your own credit. If you get good enough at it, you can help others and even make a business out of it consulting with others. Our software program helps you efficiently spend your time helping teach people about their credit as well as go over problems some might have using this simple program.

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