CubeDesigner Professioanl Edition

Pallet Loading and Package Design Software CubeDesigner is an easy to learn pallet loading and package design software that allows the user to calculate the optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements

CubeDesigner Professioanl Edition
Publisher: Logen Solutions License: Demo
Version: Date Added: 4 February, 2012
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Pallet Loading and Package Design Software CubeDesigner is an easy to learn pallet loading and package design software that allows the user to calculate the optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements. It can also be used to calculate package size and package configuration. CubeDesigner maximizes number of boxes to fit onto Pallets and determines the best pallet pattern. CubeDesigner comes with a database of different pallet styles. You can also create new pallets in certain style and size. CubeDesigner allows you to calculate from simple to the most complex pallet patterns. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can enter all of your data in an easy to follow sequential format. You can use a host of pre-defined shapes. - Calculate multi-pallet types from the database - Pattern types - 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 5 blocks, and multi-surface - Automatic layer generation - Add corner posts, slip sheets, top caps, shrink wraps or straps - Rotate and choose alternate pallet patterns Don't know the size of the shipcase to fit around your product? CubeDesigner can calculate it and perform box design for you. You can define how many of your primary packages to go inside your master shipcase or use a range of that item for the best yield of efficiency. You can even tell CubeDesigner the maximum amount of items to load around the Length, Width, or Height of the container. In addition to ship case design and optimization, CubeDesigner's Database feature can also make the best use of your existing shipcases. Just plug in the length, width and height of your carton, CubeDesigner will give you a list of shipcases that work best for your carton. - Sizing types - Fixed, New & Database - Carton types - Cube, HSC, RSC, RSC Closed, Reverse Tuck, Tray, Half Tray, etc. - Bulge factors and inside slacks - Quantity by range (min & max) or specific values - Sizing options - area efficiency, size ratio, volume, weight by range - Stack orientations

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