Disk Image Manager

Disk Image Manager (previously SPIN Disk Manager) is a Windows software for examining and manipulating disk images in the Extended DSK format used by many Spectrum and Amstrad emulators.

Disk Image Manager
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Disk Image Manager (previously SPIN Disk Manager) is a Windows software for examining and manipulating disk images in the Extended DSK format used by many Spectrum and Amstrad emulators.The software was intended to complement the SPIN Spectrum emulator but is a complete standalone application. Many of this tools features and functions were driven by the Spectrum Disk Preservation team which use this format and tool to help manage the selection and testing of disk images archived to The World of Spectrum and The TZX Vault.Disk Image Manager (previously SPIN Disk Manager) Features:Images:1. Conversion between standard and extended image formats2. Identification of tool that created the image3. Remember workspace files and position optionAnalysis:1. Display of extended disk parameter block (XDPB)2. Boot compatibility:Amstrad PCW 9512, Amstrad PCW 8256, Amstrad CPC 664/6128, Sinclair Spectrum +33. Identification of disk formats (even when deskewed by image tools):Amstrad PCW 9512, Amstrad PCW 8256, (CF2 & CF2DD variants), Amstrad CPC system, Amstrad CPC dataSpectrum +3, Ultra 208 (Chris Pile), HiForm 208/203 (Ian Collier), Supermat 192/XCF2MGT SAM Coupe BDOS, SAMDOS, MasterDOS4. Identification of copy-protection schemes both signed and unsigned versions:Alkatraz +3, Frontier, Hexagon, Paul Owens, Speedlock +3 1987/1988, Speedlock 1988/1989, Three Inch Loader type 1/25. Visual customisable map of space utilisation, track structure and controller flags6. Save map to bitmap7. Hex and ASCII display of sector data8. Search sector data for ASCII dataModification1. Manipulation of controller flags, actual sector sizes and indicated FDC size2. Formatting and unformatting of specific sectors & tracks3. Compress out unused tracks and sectors optionCreation1. Formating of new disk images to known formats2. Formatting of new disk images to custom tailored formatsSides, tracks per side, sectors per track, sector size, first sector ID, interleave, reverse tracks, skew tracks, skew sides, gap read/write, gap format, directory blocks, block size, filler byte3. Writing of disk boot sectors as part of the image formatting process.

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