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Drop Words is a Adobe InDesign plug-in, it is based on a Hebrew typesetting extensively used technique.Hebrew drop words differ from standard drop caps in a number of ways:1.

Drop Words 2.0.2
Publisher: in-tools.com License: Shareware
Version: 2.0.2 Date Added: 3 September, 2012
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Drop Words is a Adobe InDesign plug-in, it is based on a Hebrew typesetting extensively used technique.Hebrew drop words differ from standard drop caps in a number of ways:1. They are applied to the whole word, while standard drop caps are generally applied to just the first letter.2. They are used on (almost) every paragraph. This is something which makes manual setting of the drops unpractical.3. The drops are "virtual drops". With normal drop caps, the characters which are dropped are enlarged to take up the number of lines for which they are set. Drop words, although often slightly larger than the rest of the text, only take up the first line. The line below is indented to start directly below the second word.Requirements:* Adobe InDesign

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