FaceGen Modeller

Create realistic human faces in 3D, at random or from photos. Edit faces with 150 controls including age, race and gender. Apply animation morphs for expressions and phonemes. Export to various 3D file formats.

FaceGen Modeller 3.4.1
Publisher: www.facegen.com License: Demo
Version: 3.4.1 Date Added: 10 August, 2012
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Systems: Windows


Create realistic human faces in 3D, at random or from photos. Edit faces with 150 controls including age, race and gender. Apply animation morphs for expressions and phonemes. Export to various 3D file formats.The easy way to create realistic faces3D human faces from 1 or 2 photographs or at random.Adjust age, race, gender and 150 other controls.Apply faces to any polygonal mesh and UV map.With this program unique statistics-based technology, you can:* Create highly realistic or caricatured faces at random from any race, gender and adult age group.* Export to 3D Studio (3DS), Maya ASCII (ma), Lightwave 6.x LWO2 (LWO), Wavefront OBJ, Softimage dotXSI 3.0 (XSI), VRML 1 (wrl), VRML 97 (wrl) or STL including all animation morph targets if desired.* Export your texture maps to JPEG, BMP, TGA or TIFF.* Choose a default scale, rotation and translation for all your exports.Features:Instant, realistic face creation:* Generate realistic faces at random for any race, gender and adult age group.* Easily create faces from one or more photographs.* Over 50 symmetric and 25 asymmetric shape controls.* Over 30 coloring (texture) controls.* Quickly shape faces to match almost any adult human face.* Apply detailed skin textures.Flexible import options:* Match faces to your photographs.* Bring in your own head mesh and hairstyle models using the FaceGen Customizer.* Import your own texture images onto any object.Flexible export options:* Apply your face to any of our hi-res, med-res and lo-res meshes.* Or apply your face to your own mesh and UV layout using the FaceGen Customizer.* Save your faces in the FaceGen FG format and apply them later to any mesh.* Export models to 3DS, Maya ASCII (ma), Lightwave 6 (LWO), OBJ, XSI, VRML1, VRML97 and STL.* Export texture maps to BMP, JPEG, TGA and TIFF.* Transform the coordinate system of your exports.Instant Animatability:* Comes with 36 expressions, phonemes and modifiers.* Blendshapes appear automatically in Maya.* Endomorphs appear automatically in Lightwave and are easily hooked up in MotionBuilder or any other software that reads LWO files.* Morph targets appear automatically in Softimage 3D and XSI.* Morph targets are batch exported in a single command for users of Max (via OBJ or 3DS), and for any other software that reads OBJ, 3DS, VRML1/97 or STL.* Animation morphs are mesh-specific and are not included with some of the add-on meshes.FaceGen Modeller 3.4 runs on Windows XP and Vista.Pentium IV (or equivalent) or higher is recommended.

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