Freeze Composition

Freeze Composition is an Adobe InDesign plugin, can freeze your selected text in Adobe InDesign. You will appreciate the Freeze Composition script for Adobe InDesign if you ever were given the job of editing text without changing the page breaks.

Freeze Composition 1.0
Publisher: License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 17 December, 2012
File Size: 767 B Downloads: 8
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Systems: Windows


Freeze Composition is an Adobe InDesign plugin, can freeze your selected text in Adobe InDesign. You will appreciate the Freeze Composition script for Adobe InDesign if you ever were given the job of editing text without changing the page breaks.Although it's always the best practice to let InDesign do its thing and give you the best typographic results that it can, there are times when you might want to "freeze" the composition of text.Requirements:* Adobe InDesign

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