Futurix Imager

Futuris Imager is small, fast and free image viewer for Windows. It supports more then 30 graphic formats, including JPEG, GIF, JPEG2000, MNG / PNG / JNG, PhotoCD and TIFF.

Futurix Imager 6.0.3
Publisher: www.fximage.com License: Freeware
Version: 6.0.3 Date Added: 24 October, 2012
File Size: 1.2 MB Downloads: 9
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Systems: Windows


Futuris Imager is small, fast and free image viewer for Windows. It supports more then 30 graphic formats, including JPEG, GIF, JPEG2000, MNG / PNG / JNG, PhotoCD and TIFF. Other features include: print with preview, support for TWAIN-compatible scanners/cameras, file browser, wallpaper tool, set of filters (image transformations), screen capture, advanced printing features and more.Whats New:Reworked raw camera formats plug-in (and updated it to the latest version of DCraw)Added several options for customizing viewers background style: gradient, solid color, checkboard pattern, etcAdded support for 32-bit bitmaps in themesVisual style update: smoother toolbar graphics, some new icons, icons in menus (XP theme is not updated yet)Better support for DWM in Windows VistaWindows 2000 is no longer supportedDownload the Stable version.Formats supported by FuturixImager:* JPEG / Joint Photographic Experts Group jpg, jpeg, jfif, jpe* JPEG 2000 jp2, jpc, j2k, j2c* GIF / Graphics Interchange Format (non-animated) gif* Portable Bitmap pbm* Portable Graymap pgm* Portable Pixelmap ppm* BMP / Windows Bitmap bmp* Device Independent Bitmap dib* Enhanced Metafile emf* Windows Metafile wmf* PCX / ZSoft Paintbrush pcx* Multi-page ZSoft Paintbrush dcx* PNG / Portable Network Graphics png* Truevision Targa tga* TIFF / Tagged Image File Format tif, tiff* Wireless Bitmap wbmp, wbm* PSD / Adobe Photoshop psd* DNG / Digital Negative dng* Digital Camera Dump (raw photo) crw, cr2, nef, raf, x3f, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, bay, pef, raw* Commodore 64 Koala format koa* Amiga IFF iff, ilbm, lbm* DirectDraw Surface dds* Sun Rasterfile ras* X11 Bitmap Format xbm* X11 Pixmap Format xpm* ICO / Windows Icon ico* HDR / High Dynamic Range Image hdr* EXR / OpenEXR exr* Windows Cursor cur* PDF / Portable Document Format pdf* PostScript ps* ASCII Text Art txt* Formats supported by extra plug-ins:* JBIG jbg, jbig, bie* DICOM / Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine dcm, dicom* Dr. Halo cut* AVS X Image avs* Kodak Cineon cin* Graph Visualization dot* SMPTE Digital Moving Picture Exchange dpx* Flexible Image Transport System fits* FlashPix fpx* MATLAB Image mat* ImageMagick miff* MTV Raytracing mtv* Palm Pixmap palm* Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT pict* Alias/Wavefront RLE Image pix* Seattle File Works pwp* Alias/Wavefront Image rla* Irix RGB Image sgi* Sun Rasterfile sun* SVG / Scalable Vector Graphics svg* TTF / TrueType Font ttf* VICAR Rasterfile vicar* Khoros VIFF / Visualization Image File Format viff* GIMP Image xcf* GIF / Graphics Interchange Format (animated) gif* Kodak Photo CD pcd* Autodesk Image cel, pic* Corel Paint Shop Pro psp* EPS / Encapsulated PostScript (thumbnail only) eps* Wireless Bitmap

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