Geotag Security

Geotag Security is a free software that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags. Secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags.

Geotag Security
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Geotag Security is a free software that secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags. Secures your photos from disclosing your location information by removing geotags. When posting a photo on your favorite Social Network, online photo gallery, or web page, you are inviting danger. Let's face it, we all post updates with cute pictures of our kids, or snap shots while out with our friends. When we upload these photos we are telling potential predators our exact location.Most smartphones and some cameras made today are equipped with geo tags. Geo tags are imbedded in the picture and use the same concept as GPS.The geo tag in the photo is a smart tool that allows the photo to be tagged to an exact location. Unless you know where to find and disable this function on your camera you are at risk. Finding and executing the shut off of geo tags on your camera can be tedious and is not an easy task. Even if you find the geo tag shut off and complete the task of not using it in the future, all of your previously created photos are still at risk.Geotag Security goes through all of your existing files and removes the geo tags. How does it accomplish this? The program checks all files in selected folders. It will remove the unwanted geo tags from your computer, file by file. (Just in case your photos are in other files not just in your picture file folder). The PRO-version helps to insure any new photos you put onto your hard drive are scanned and the geo tags removed immediately.Geotag Security is a simple wizard application, that means that it guides you though easy steps.1. You select a folder with photos your want to secure2. Program removes geo information from metatags. Now you can safely upload these photos to any photo sharing sites. No metatags will disclose the location where the photo has been taken.3. You can choose whether you want to monitor that folder for new photos (PRO feature)Geotag Security is a very easy-to-use straight-forward application. You just choose a folder you want to scan for goetags, and Geotag Security goes through all files, identifies image files that can possibly contain geotags, and strips geotags if finds them.If you are using a PRO version, you can further add the scanned folder to the list of Protected Folders and the software will monitor this folder and once a new file is added to the folder it scans and removes geotag automatically.Limitations:* To monitor the folders for new photos you need to switch to Pro version. Geotag Security PRO provides a continuous protection of all computers in your household forever

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