Great Heroes - Firefighters

Great Heroes – firefighters is a new kind of 3D Fire truck parking game. As a player you take control of a fire truck. If you want to become a real firefighter you need to learn the ropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun and new ...

Great Heroes - Firefighters 1.1
Publisher: VascoGames License: Freeware
Version: 1.1 Date Added: 1 January, 2014
File Size: 24.0 MB Downloads: 4
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Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


Great Heroes – firefighters is a new kind of 3D Fire truck parking game. As a player you take control of a fire truck. If you want to become a real firefighter you need to learn the ropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun and new exciting fire truck 3D parking game. As a fireman you need to learn how to park the fire truck so you can use your water cannon to extinguish the building on fire! Great Heroes is not only a 3D parking game but gives you the change to get into the skin of a real firefighter. Find the fire and put it out, experience the excitement of becoming a great hero of your very own fire department.
So if you want to work at a fire department strap into the driver seat of this big rig fire truck, turn on the fire truck sirens and drive your fire truck as fast as possible to the right parking spot. Race your fire truck through a beautiful 3D city find the burning building. Watch out for the obstacles in the way. Maneuver around other vehicles, like cars, other trucks and busses, don’t hit anything on your way to the fire or otherwise you need to start over again. Be very quickly to find the burning building because the fire needs to be extinguish as fast as possible. So drive, race, park and in put out the fire that is the goal of this fun fire truck parking simulator. With 20 different missions Great heroes – firefighters is fun and exciting parking game! The missions will become hard with advancing trough the game so get ready for a real parking mania and parking frenzy game.
As a firefighter you need to control not only your firetruck in this simulator game. You also need to control your mighty water cannon to make a stop to the burning building! You will have all the controls you need to drive through the city. Use your steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals to drive around. Change the view to inside truck view to get a better look at the situation. Change gear to drive backwards and forwards.
Great Heroes is a new kind of 3D parking game with a great new firefighter feature which will make this game a more realistic firefighter simulator game!
The different features of Great Heroes – Firefighters, a 3D fire truck parking simulator game
20 different fire truck parking missions, drive, race and make an end to the burning fire.
- Real life fire emergency situations
- Realistic fire engine controls
- Great new dynamic gameplay
- Extreme precision driving and parking simulator gameplay
- Follow the directions to find the emergency and become a hero!
- Firefighters are under the pressure of time so drive fast and finish fast.
- Beautiful 3D city to drive around, but don’t enjoy the scenery touch otherwise you will be too late!
Become a real life great hero with Great Heroes – Firefighters, this 3D parking simulator game is free to play. Make yourself proud and try to successfully complete all 20 fire emergency missions.
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