■ Story Set in Kazegaura, a suburb in Japan, just outside of Tokyo, 'If My Heart Had Wings' is an animated visual novel bringing forth a passionate, youthful and dream filled high school life story. Aoi Minase returns with shattered dreams to ...

Publisher: M.C3 CO., LTD. License: Freeware
Version: 1.0.2 Date Added: 27 September, 2014
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Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


■ Story
Set in Kazegaura, a suburb in Japan, just outside of Tokyo,
'If My Heart Had Wings' is an animated visual novel bringing forth a passionate,
youthful and dream filled high school life story.
Aoi Minase returns with shattered dreams to his wind-swept hometown of Kazegaura.
There, atop a hill lined with windmills, he encounters a wheelchair-bound girl,
Kotori Habane, and a beautiful, white glider soaring through the sky.
Together, they decide to revive their school's defunct Soaring Club in order to ride the "Morning Glory",
a phantom cloud carried on the wind that blows across Kazegaura.
This is a tale of youth, a tale of boys and girls who loved the sky.
■ Basic Information
- Totally Free
- Currently with the same gameplay scope as the demo of the PC version.
- Points are used to advance through the game. These points are awarded everyday.
- Ability to start the game from where you left off previously.(Auto-continue function in place.)
- Optional save and load functions
■ Additional content
- Alarm functions- The main character Kotori will speak at the set time. (Exclusive alarm voice included.)
- News and updates for the app will be delivered by Kotori. (Exclusive notification voice included.)
■ Addition of sounds
- Exclusive system sounds for brand logo, title call, save and load functions
- Exclusive rare voice-overs for alarm and error notifications. Over 30 different voice-overs were recorded specially for this.
■ Special features
- Addition of images, homepage, and magazine-like visuals in the game. (non-existent in the PC version.)
■ Game system
- Equipped with important visual novel functions- i.e. auto-play and backlog functions.
- Settings such as volume control, text/auto-play speed and window transparency can be set by the user.
- Ability to turn off movie effects for better performance on slower devices.
■ Homepage for the application
■ MoeNovel
Official homepage: http://www.moenovel.com/imh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Moenovel?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moenovel

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