Image Metadata Manager

An easy-to-use metadata manager. Image Metadata Manager is a feature-rich tool focused mainly in handling metadata information of image files.

Image Metadata Manager
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Version: Date Added: 3 July, 2012
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it contains the title of the image, description, rating and copyright information1. Keywords: it contains the keywords or tags related to the image2. Date: it contains the date and time the photo was taken3. Location: it contains GPS information and location name like address, city, state and country4. Shot: it contains read-only information about how the shot was taken, i.e. exposure, aperture, etc.5. Photographer: it contains information about the photographer who took the photoThe Image Metadata Manager can:1. open JPEG and TIFF images2. manage photo metadata information, viewing adding and editing it3. provide well formatted information to make it easy to read and understand4. display GPS information both on text and on a map, and allow easy editing directly on the map5. automatically rotate images using their orientation information to make them upright6. rename photo files using metadata information such as date and time taken and others7. query metadata information from a file using Microsoft's Metadata Query Language8. update software automaticallyRequirements:* .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

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