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Interactive Stock Charts © is the most intuitive and advanced stock analysis charting app. You can freely adjust time frame and view technical information with touch of finger: scroll, pan and zoom on a beautiful candlestick charts with gesture ...

Interactive Stock Charts 1.64
Publisher: License: Freeware
Version: 1.64 Date Added: 13 April, 2014
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Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


Interactive Stock Charts © is the most intuitive and advanced stock analysis charting app. You can freely adjust time frame and view technical information with touch of finger: scroll, pan and zoom on a beautiful candlestick charts with gesture and touch control. Swipe to scroll into historical analysis, pinch to zoom and change time frame, touch on price points to show detailed quotes and technical indicator values. Backed by Screenulator's patent pending automated chart pattern and trendline recognition engine, and industry's first 9,13 indicator completion screener! Interactive Stock Charts also comes with a powerful technical analysis tool set and realtime RSS news feed to give you an edge over the market!
Unique and patent pending technical analysis tools include: Automated chart patterns and trendlines detection, Trend Reversal and Exhaustion Indicators, candlestick patterns (coming soon). It also comes with powerful screeners for all the above patterns which scans for more than 15000 stocks worldwide for high potential profitable trades. All Screenulator chart patterns are available on website for existing subscribers, see website for more member benefits.
Moreover, Interactive Stock Charts is aesthetically pleasing allowing multiple color themes / skins to fit your particular taste. Advanced options such as candlesticks with oxymoronic up and down days can be enabled or disabled. Either filled green bar or hollow bars can represent uptick. Historical price data is stored locally in your device. In "Offline mode", you can analyse historical charts and manipulate charts fast without any network delay. "Bulk caching" allows you download all charts in portfolio prior to going offline.

About Trendlines:
A trend line is a bounding line for the price movement of a security. A support trend line (or a bottom line) is formed when a securities price decreases and then rebounds at a pivot point that aligns with at least two previous support pivot points. Trendlines are considered by many expert traders to be the single most important tools in technical analysis. However, Support and Resistance breakout and Triangle patterns are just example of patterns formed by trendlines. This app automatically draws and screens for stocks with specific patterns.To learn more:

About Trend Reversal Indicator:
Screenulator's patent pending Trend Reversal and Exhaustion indicators combines 9,13 counting with trendline analysis to pinpoint trend pivots with color coded visual indicator. It has been shown to have an impressive record of identifying and anticipating turning points across the FX, bond, equity and commodity markets. Furthermore, the indicators provide signals not only on a daily chart but also intraday. It identifies when a trend is becoming, or has become, exhausted. This apps automatically identifies Trend Reversal, Trend Exhaustion, and Perfection criteria. It also calculates stoploss levels. To learn more:

Classic TA indicators and overlays: RSI, MACD, SMA, EMA, Bollinger, Parabolic SAR, McGinley Dynamic, stochastic, ADX, Aroon, Chaikin, Ultimate, MFI, OBV, ATR, ADL, CCI indicators. Fibonacci Retracement and text annotation tools. Others will available upon requests.
Supported markets:
EOD and intraday data: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, TSX, HKEX, Australia, India (NSE)
EOD data only: JKSE, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore, UK, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Athens
FOREX: All Forex currency pairs
Instruction Manual:
Desktop version:

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