Intrexx Xtreme

Intrexx Xtreme is an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of, for example, multilingual Enterprise Portals, Customer Portals or Web Applications

Intrexx Xtreme 4 5
Publisher: United Planet Ltd. License: Commercial
Version: 4 5 Date Added: 25 February, 2012
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Systems: Windows2000, Windows2003


Intrexx Xtreme is an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of, for example, multilingual Enterprise Portals, Customer Portals or Web Applications. Intrexx is easy to learn and requires no programming knowledge. A portal is created according to the drag and drop principle. Anyone who can create an Excel spreadsheet can also create applications and forms such as a an application for leave. Intrexx can be set up quickly thanks to countless ready-made templates and allows a complete portal or intranet to be set up in no time. Intrexx is complete. It has everything you need to develop and successfully operate an efficient portal. Intrexx Xtreme contains (excerpt): - Application Designer for application and form creation - Layout and menu designer - Business Process Manager - Web Service orchestration - Complete user management with LDAP link - Data Integration Center for integration of external data sources - Full text search engine - Link integration for integrating external Web sites - Various tools for convenient administration of the portal Intrexx is a standard software, very frequently installed and therefore very favorably priced. The system basically consists of two parts: Intrexx Xtreme Portal Manager: It is installed on any client or on the server and possesses all the components for developing and managing layout, menu or applications. The setup of the users with the rights to the respective applications of a portal also takes place in the Portal Manager of Intrexx Xtreme. Intrexx Xtreme Portal Server: It is installed on a server and controls all transactions of the created web applications and portals. It monitors the rights of the users within the transactions, controls the entire business logic operations and governs access to the data sources.

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