iRAPP Client

iRAPP stand for "interactive Remote APPlication" - a remote access program that allows you to view and fully interact a remote or locally networked Mac.

iRAPP Client 1.9 Build 5361.0
Publisher: License: Shareware
Version: 1.9 Build 5361.0 Date Added: 11 November, 2012
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Systems: Windows


iRAPP stand for "interactive Remote APPlication" - a remote access program that allows you to view and fully interact a remote or locally networked Mac. iRAPP makes it possible that you can work seamlessly and simultaneously on your PC and Mac. It cohesively merges the OS X desktop into the Windows environment unlike any other remote access program currently on the market.Sit on your PC and work on both your PC applications as well as on your Mac applications at the same time. Do you have both a Mac and a PC at home or at work? Do you wish you could work on all of your computing devices at the same time?Mac Remote Desktop Access to one or multiple Mac Computers across your network seamlessly or with any RDP Client for all your PC to Mac or Mac to Mac needs. Use the same keyboard, screen and mouse as iRAPP merges OS X with your Windows XP or Vista environment in perfect harmony.iRAPP is the natural evolution of the remote system access; it merges the connected systems and gives the user the desired usability and experience.Key Features1. iRAPP Client connection to one or more systems with Mac OS X2. iRAPP Server can work in single user or muliple user mode ( license dependent )3. Open any Mac software and use it directly from your PC environment4. View Mac navigation bar and Mac desktop icons on your PC5. Float the Mac menu anywhere on your PC system via OS X Smart Menu Bar, or dock it at the top of the screen (just like the default position on the Mac itself)6. Increase speed and image quality using PC-only or Mac-only Remote Desktop modesiRAPP supports two protocols:1. iRAPP Protocol - allows connections from the native iRAPP Client2. Microsoft RDP Protocol - allows connections form any MS RDP ClientCohesive Application Mode ( iRAPP Protocol only )1. Displaying and merging the OS X windows, applications, icons and control items with the local Windows system2. Easy Workspace layout setup3. Ability to add custom user modes for the remote monitor4. Window priority is cohesive5. Image quality adjustment ( for slow connections )Remote Desktop Mode ( iRAPP Protocol or RDP )1. Remote system is displayed in a separate software window or in full screen mode2. Remote and local monitors synchronize3. Ability to add custom user modes for the remote monitor4. Image quality adjustment ( for slow connections )Before you startThe iRAPP software has two components. One which is installed on your PC and one that is installed on your Mac. You have to install both in order for the program to work. Also, make sure that your PC has network access to your Mac and that both the hardware and network speed meet the minimum requirements.Before the initial installation process, we would recommend that you read about the operating systems that are supported by iRAPP.Install iRAPP Client on your PC1.Double click on the iRAPP_Client_Win_Setup executable found in iRAPP_Setup.zip2.Finish the installation wizard3.Start the iRAPP Client software (by selecting "Launch iRAPP Client" at the end of the install or Start menu => All Programs => iRAPP Client => iRAPP Client)4.When the iRAPP client starts up: In Computer entry box, enter the address of your Mac Optionally, click on "Details" button to manually select remote resolution or to change advanced settings Click "Connect" button5.After iRAPP establishes a connection to your Mac, OS X asks you for your account and password6.iRAPP will display the menu bar, Dock software launcher and desktop icons on your PC screen - you are ready to control your Mac

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