JAlbum allows you to create nice looking photo galleries for the web.

JAlbum 10.8
Publisher: jalbum.net License: Freeware
Version: 10.8 Date Added: 15 October, 2012
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JAlbum allows you to create nice looking photo galleries for the web. You can simply select or drop drag/drop folders containing images or movie files onto JAlbum and it will create thumbnails and HTML pages to publish your images as a gallery or picture slideshow. JAlbum also includes a small web server that enables you to share images directly from your PC, without the need to upload any files to a web host.The galleries are based on various template designs and appearance can be further customized by advanced users. Additional features include support for EXIF data, URL encoding of file names, style sheets, lossless image manipulation, optional Shutterfly integration, (built in FTP client, UPnP support, and more.Jalbum consists of free album software, free hosting and a creative community. With Jalbum it's easy to create your own photo album site. Just the way you want it.1. Make an album. It's easy.2. Download the free Jalbum software3. The award winning Jalbum program is probably the most popular web album creator in the world. It's free - and there is no catch!4. Pick your favorite photos5. Drag n' drop your photos to the Jalbum software.6. Customise with skins7. Choose a skin (album theme), add descriptions to photos, change colors, add music and more. New skins are continuously added by Jalbum users for you to download.8. Make album & publish9. Watch the magic as Jalbum prepares your images for the web and puts them online. Publish to Jalbum's free hosting or any other site.Once you have published your albums, Jalbum will put it in your user pages on Jalbum.net. If you want of course. On Jalbum.net you can share your albums with friends, connect with other users and get inspired by fantastic albums.1. Share your albums with friends2. Connect with others3. Get feedback. Get inspired.Jalbum is all about being creative with your photos. We have partnered with these excellent companies so that you can bring your creativity off-line too. Have fun!

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    A command line tool for uploading JAlbum galleries from the filesystem to Google Picasa Web Albums. JAlbum's metadata (gallery name, description, photos ordering, comments, ...) are processed and used for uploading of photos to Picasa Web Albums.
  • adophotoalbum 1.1
    AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum makes the bridge between Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3 and JAlbum.
  • Artorun 1.0
    A theme for the famous JAlbum web album photo creator by David Ekholm, jalbum.net/index.jsp.Derived from the Chameleon theme by Laszlo Molnar,it is intended for CD based photo archiving with the convenience and beauty of JAlbum's user interface.
  • JRemoteFS 1.0
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