Job Search (Smaller Than 500)

Small company job search app. Download now to find jobs at small companies. Career search at small companies. Find the small business that will enable you to pursue your passion. Your dream job awaits. Thousands of small businesses are looking to ...

Job Search (Smaller Than 500) 1.1
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Small company job search app. Download now to find jobs at small companies. Career search at small companies. Find the small business that will enable you to pursue your passion. Your dream job awaits. Thousands of small businesses are looking to hire you. Create your free online resume now. Search thousands of job listings and apply to jobs.
The Inspiration:
Working for a large corporation can be discouraging, especially for those who have a strong work ethic and want to be more than just a “cog in the machine.” Politics and bureaucracy often become the deciding factors and common sense is thrown out the window. Fortunately, there will always be individuals who challenge the status quo. There will always be individuals who want to see their actions result in positive growth. These are the individuals who should be praised, not only for wanting to better the company despite the roadblocks, but for wanting to better themselves in the process.
As defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA), most small businesses must have less than 500 employees (hence the name Smaller Than 500). Recent statistics show that small businesses make up more than 55% of all businesses in the United States. That’s potentially 23 million companies striving to hire and preserve a talented and passionate workforce.
It is a monumental task for small businesses, especially startups, to hire employees. Bringing on new employees is not only expensive, but a major risk. It is crucial for small businesses to find individuals who are team players, and are passionate enough to share the load that accompanies the adventure of operating a small business. Smaller Than 500 was designed to do just that.
Smaller Than 500 was developed to foster the initial relationship between small businesses and career searchers. We strive to help those who want to make a difference find the career that will enable them to do so. Just the same, we provide an outlet for small businesses to find the newest addition to their team. We hope that Smaller Than 500 is the answer you have been looking for in your search.
How It Works:
(The Searcher)
We encourage all those who want to work for a small business to register and create a profile. Once a candidate has registered, he or she will be able to apply for any job they wish. If you are in a time crunch, feel free to fill out and complete your profile later. Although being registered is not necessary to search for postings, it is required in order for one to apply. But don’t worry, it’s free! Small businesses will have the ability to contact an individual directly if career searchers choose to keep their profile contact information visible.
(The Small Business)
Small businesses that go through will initially create a profile page about their company. They must include a few statistics such as their approximate number of employees, what industry(ies) they are involved in, city of operation, etc. Once a business has created a profile page, they will be able to create job postings that will link to their profile. Registered career searchers will be able to apply through the job postings directly. Once an individual has applied, the small business can decide if they want additional information from the applicant, contact the applicant directly, or continue the search. Once a position has been filled, the small business can either remove the posting, or wait for it to expire after the indicated duration.

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