Kids Puzzle:Sort The Shapes 2+

This is an educational app whereby learning becomes fun with age-based puzzles. It will let your child develop his or her ability to form and imagine from shape recognition while having fun at the same time.It will help with your child's ...

Kids Puzzle:Sort The Shapes 2+ 2.3
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This is an educational app whereby learning becomes fun with age-based puzzles. It will let your child develop his or her ability to form and imagine from shape recognition while having fun at the same time.
It will help with your child's intellectual development by letting him or her tackle puzzles featuring the animals and vehicles that children and infants love, with appropriate age-based difficulty levels.
This app lets your child develop his or her ability to recognize, ability to form, and ability to imagine, using puzzles featuring objects that are interesting to him or her, while being fun at the same time.
This is a free app and you will never be prompted to add pay stages or be concerned about your child purchasing them by mistake. You can use it without worry.
★Recommended ages★
This is an educational app for children aged 2 to 4 that lets them learn at appropriate age-based difficulty levels while having fun at the same time.
Age 2: Improves a child's ability to recognize shapes, using basic figures such as ○, △, and □ and cute characters such as animals and vehicles.
Age 3: Lets children learn the mechanisms and structures of objects by dividing an object into two to four parts, for the purpose of developing a child's ability to form objects.
Age 4: Develops a child's ability to imagine and promotes his or her growth into a sensitive person by letting them assemble a character while imagining the background and the structure of the character.
★How to play★
Select parts that match the silhouette on the screen and fit them into the silhouette to complete the puzzle.
Tap the upper right icon to select a difficulty level and a stage. You can select a scene that matches your child's ability, as well as one that he or she likes.
Once the puzzle is complete, the app may automatically go to the next stage. So even if your child doesn't know how to make a selection on the smartphone, you can safely let him or her play with the app.
★Description of puzzles★
[Sort the shapes]
Puzzles for children aged 2 that involve recognizing basic figures and the shapes of objects.
Basically, a single puzzle corresponds to a single silhouette.
- In a room: Cake, ball, TV set
- Park: Clock, slide, bench
- Animals in the forest: Squirrel, bear, fox
- Creatures of the sea: Dolphin, octopus, shrimp
- Field: Tulip, butterfly, bird
- Bus: Rabbit, elephant, giraffe (personified)
- Vehicles: Car, train, ship, helicopter
- Zoo: Lion, horse, monkey, elephant
- Fruits: Apple, banana, strawberry
- Vegetables: Cucumber, tomato, carrot
[Assembly puzzles]
Puzzles for children aged 3 for developing a child's ability to form objects and learning mechanisms.
Each puzzle involves putting together two to four pieces to match a single silhouette.
- Firefighter: Fire engine
- Police: Patrol car
- Emergency: Ambulance
- Construction site: Digger
- Waterside creature: Hippo
- Amusement park: Roller coaster
- In the sky: Airplane
- Flock of ducks: Duck parent and children
- Candy house: Candy house
- Dinosaur: Triceratops
Puzzles for children aged 4 that involve the assembly of an overall structure while imagining individual situations and stories.
The puzzles are intended to develop a child's ability to imagine and their ability to grasp structures.
- Summer: Crab, sand castle, sea, tropical juice
- Winter: Sleigh, snowman
- Castle: Scenery including a castle like that in Disneyland
- Space: Planet and so on, with a rocket being the main object
- Birthday: Cake, cracker, and so on
- Halloween: Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and so on
- Christmas: Santa Claus, reindeer, sleigh, and so on
- Pirates: Pirate ship and pirates
- Fairies: Fairies in the forest
- Toys: Toys' march

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