MailCloak for Mail Clients

MailCloak is Global Web Security Systems breakthrough encryption program

MailCloak for Mail Clients 1.0
Publisher: Global Web Security Systems (gWebs) License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 19 February, 2012
File Size: 4.6 MB Downloads: 11
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Systems: WinXP


MailCloak is Global Web Security Systems breakthrough encryption program. MailCloak was designed from the ground up to be the first encryption program for all mail clients, while making GnuPG public-key encryption so simple anyone can use it! MailCloak works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora and more. MailCloak uses the Gnu Privacy Guard so it's compatible with tons of other GPG programs on any platform you can think of. Once you turn it on, MailCloak will automatically attach your public key to all outgoing email, and automatically import your friend’s public keys when they send theirs to you – so simply send an email to another MailCloak user to begin communicating securely with GPG encrypted email. It usually takes two to tango, so they say, but you can try MailCloak solo by sending email to email. When you send email to Cryptobot with MailCloak installed, Cryptobot will extract your public key, and reply with an encrypted message and it’s own GPG public key. You will then be able to send Cryptobot an encrypted reply! You can also use MailCloak to communicate with other GnuPG, Gpg4win, FireGPG and PGP users. Global Web Security also has a desktop application that allows all Microsoft Windows POP3 email users to send GPG encrypted email. If your friends still use POP3 email, you can point them to get their copy of MailCloak desktop. Note that MailCloak stores all of your keys and passwords on your own computer, so you’ll never have to worry about us sharing this information.

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