Motocross Madness

The craziest biker's challenge in the world of android games has arrived and it's all free! Embark on a Motocross Madness mountain adventure in a race through the mountains, just like Moto x Mayhem free and prove you can be as good as any pro' ...

Motocross Madness 1.0.2
Publisher: Inception Games License: Freeware
Version: 1.0.2 Date Added: 21 September, 2014
File Size: 12.0 MB Downloads: 4
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Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


The craziest biker's challenge in the world of android games has arrived and it's all free! Embark on a Motocross Madness mountain adventure in a race through the mountains, just like Moto x Mayhem free and prove you can be as good as any pro' biker in a free bike race to become a legend and get to the finish line the fastest!
So, do you say you play motocross games for pure fun, for you're too skillful as a biker to consider them super challenging, as well? Start your beast of an engine and enjoy all of the cool racing free games that make you feel like a winner, through the most challenging mountain roads ever created in a game. Motocross Madness game has an extreme collection of challenges and little room for mistakes. I mean that! Those deep crevices, those high rocky platforms, those dangerous wooden logs scattered all along the off-road track will make your two-wheeled adventure one of the toughest ones you've ever experienced! You cannot call yourself a true free motorbike games passionate until you haven't faced all these dirt bike riding tests here! The world's best motocross bikers have gathered to challenge the champion's title today, so prove your professional motocross skills as you swirl, drift and bounce back over obstacles, to reach the finish line first. So, you need to prepare your game and get ready to face any other Motocross Madness biker that might want to challenge your dominance of the coolest game ever made. If you used to call yourself a true off-road biker, after you've managed to pass the tests prepared for you in other motorcycle games that you might have tried so far you couldn't have been more wrong: this is the true test to take before you can feel entitled to call yourself “the ultimate darer on a two wheels”!
It's a side-view game, with eye-catchy, super realistic graphics meant to make you feel as if you're actually driving along some highly steep slopes in some of the most “unfriendly” mountains you've ever got the chance to find yourself on, with deadly risks to face at every step, super deep abysses and challenging obstacles such as sharp rocks or loads of wooden logs. The better you'll become at adapting to and even“dominate” this rough environment, the most challenging the rocky circuits will get. What? I hope you did no think that this was going to be just another one of those free motorbike games which encouraged you to get lazy and kept you “safe” from true off-road challenges! The game controls won't bring anything new to you: use the left and right arrow keys to control your on-screen motorbike! The right arrow will allow your reckless biker to advance on the rocky track, whereas the left arrow will help you, if you're quick enough, re-balance your motorbike whenever it runs the risk of crashing and falling off the... off-road circuit, after some breathtaking jumps of after it has passed by a tricky obstacle! It's only after you've completed all the 6 levels, packed with addictive adrenaline and loaded with super difficult off-road motorbike driving tests to pass and deadly risks to take, that you can really call yourself a professional motocross games player! Do your best to keep your vulnerable biker in vertical position, on his powerful dirt bike, for violent accidents, brutal crashing are the kinds of dangers that hunt him at every stunt he'll perform, at every obstacle passes by!
Conquer the mountains of Motocross Madness games for android and enjoy each victory! You'll deserve it, for with each new level that you manage to complete, you get even closer to the title of “the ultimate, most skillful motorbike rider” in the virtual world!
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