Number Lines by Style

Number Lines by Style is an Adobe InDesign plugin, can add numbered lines in InDesign, help you add line numbers to text of specific styles. It works by adding anchored text frames at the start of each line.

Number Lines by Style 1.0
Publisher: License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 13 July, 2012
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Number Lines by Style is an Adobe InDesign plugin, can add numbered lines in InDesign, help you add line numbers to text of specific styles. It works by adding anchored text frames at the start of each line. The script will number lines on the current page only.Usage:1. Place the script in your Scripts Panel folder2. Make sure the correct page is active3. Double click on the script in the Scripts Panel4. Select the style or styles to number and click OKRequirements:* Adobe InDesign

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