Open Source Security Network

Guard Stone is an Open Source Security Platform, which enables to integrate and deploy open source security tools.

Open Source Security Network 1.0
Publisher: Guardstone License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 11 June, 2013
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Systems: Windows


Guard Stone is an Open Source Security Platform, which enables to integrate and deploy open source security tools. Some of Guard Stone's focus areas include Firewall, VPN, Mail Gateway Filters, Web Filters, Web Application Security, Routing etc;

Open Source Security Network 1.0 Related Software
  • Fosswall 2.0
    FOSSWALL project is now merged under the Open Source Security Network (OSSN) project.
  • NMap Console 1.0
    NMC ("Network Mapper Console") will be a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing.
  • Java neural network simulation studio 1.0
    Java neural network simulation studio is comples open source neural network development studio, that allows to create various numbers of neural networks from scratch, train and test them.
  • Tezeract Neural Network Simulator 1.0
    An Open Source neural network simulator prototype. The version hosted here supports only MLPs using backpropagation. The prototype has a simple Python support and an OpenGL visualizer. Network inputs are hardcoded.
  • Network Configuration Store 1.0
    Network Configuration Store is a free, open source application for network administrators, designed to automatically backup, revision and audit the configuration from Cisco IOS-based routers and switches.
  • JAK Security Suite 01
    Open Source Security Suite VerschlA?ssselung mit Blowfish/Twofish/ AES. DatenlA¶schung mit Guttmann (Default)/Pseudorandom Data/US DoD 5220-22.
  • Security Tools Collection 32
    Collection of open source security tools that enhance the ability of people and companies to secure their environment. These tools will build upon the foundation laid by the security community.
  • Cunity 1.0b
    Cunity is an open-source social network that was programmed out of the need of having an own social network, which is not controlled by some big internet company.
  • Enterprise Reporting Untangled 1.0
    Web-based reporting system for the open-source Untangle network gateway. To include search capability, company-segment or department level reports, access control for manager-supervisor access to authorized user activity records, report generator.
  • Pyama rc
    Open Source system and network monitoring application for desktop Linux user. It gives end-user broader view of what happening on their system. The basic idea is give linux user application that can monitor system like many commercial antivirus HIDS.

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