Prompt FTP Client

Prompt FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that is used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers.

Prompt FTP Client 1.5
Publisher: License: Freeware
Version: 1.5 Date Added: 29 July, 2012
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Systems: Windows


Prompt FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that is used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers.Whether you are publishing a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, music, or software, or if you are just transferring large files between your home and office, Prompt FTP Client gets the job done every time.Prompt FTP Client is used to transfer files of any size and/or type, including Web pages, multi-media files, or other documents to and from a file transfer server over FTP, the standard for moving files across the Internet.Prompt FTP Client assures efficient, reliable, secure connections and transfers over FTP.Here are some key features of "Prompt FTP Client":* Standard FTP - Compatible with any industry standard FTP server.* Step-by-step Connection Wizard - Easily setup your first FTP connection.* Integrated Editor - Perform quick edits of remote Web pages or other documents using a strong integrated text editor.* Windows XP / IE like user interface* Transfer Queue* Uploads/Downloads/FXP* Bookmark Connection History* Recursive Downloads / Uploads / Deletes* Resume for broken Transfers (ul/dl/fxp)* Backup Tool* Sync web site Tool* Local Folder Browser, Transfer Queue* Directory Watcher* Active Log Control

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