QuickDev Debug Agent

The QuickDev Debug Agent is a program allowing debugger host to perform a remote debugging via the network

QuickDev Debug Agent 0.7.3713.42892
Publisher: Lixin Yin License: Freeware
Version: 0.7.3713.42892 Date Added: 26 January, 2012
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Systems: WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows7, Windows 7 x64


The QuickDev Debug Agent is a program allowing debugger host to perform a remote debugging via the network. The debug agent provides visual representation of the debugger host and the target, making it easy for users to monitor the connection status as well as target status. The debug agent also provides message logging which can be used as an additional tool for debugging and testing. Give QuickDev Debug Agent a try to fully assess its capabilities!


· Remote debugging via TCP.
· Target visualization.
· Store up to 20 targets.
· Automatic target loading.
· Automatic message logging.
· Message log management.
· Hardware description file editing.

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QuickDev Debug Agent 0.7.3713.42892 Keyword
QuickDev Debug Agent 0.7.3713.42892 Publisher's Products
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