Random Toons RPG

"Random Toons: Open-World RPG is one of the best and only open world action RPG games for Android." - UltraGirl's Game GuideFreely explore the large and uniquely wacky world as Prince Purple Small Grape who is trying to save his kingdom and ...

Random Toons RPG 0.97.61
Publisher: VNL Entertainment Ltd License: Shareware
Version: 0.97.61 Date Added: 26 January, 2014
File Size: 9.3 MB Downloads: 2
Price: $190.01 Editor Rating:
Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x

"Random Toons: Open-World RPG is one of the best and only open world action RPG games for Android." - UltraGirl's Game Guide
Freely explore the large and uniquely wacky world as Prince Purple Small Grape who is trying to save his kingdom and restore peace. This game has over 50 insanely funny quests to keep you busy. Each week more new quests are added for free!
- Over 50 quests and growing each week
- True open world 'fallout-like' concept
- Auto checkpoint system
- Gain experience, gain more weapons
- Simple inventory system to manage your items
- Cross between Role-playing and Shoot-em-up
- Blow up ANYTHING in your way!
- Two control style options: Dynamic Joypad or simple tap-N-scroll
- Dynamic Joypad location allows you to utilize the whole screen, no visual blockage!
Future Updates:
- Always working on new quests/sidequest, currently working on a tournament
- Anything people complain about! But please be gentle and not give 1 stars when give feedback :) Your support, encouragement, and feedback is always appreciated!

Keywords: action, shooter, Role Playing Game, cartoon, funny, open world
If you have any problems or suggestions please don't leave a comment as we cannot respond to you via comments. Instead please:
# Scroll down and click 'Visit the developer's web page' to file a ticket and we'll process your request.
# Give us 5 stars for our effort :) Thanks!

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