Safe AutoLogon

Safe AutoLogon allows automatic logon to Windows XP and higher, with full 256-bit AES encryption protection

Safe AutoLogon 4.0.505
Publisher: WM Software License: Shareware
Version: 4.0.505 Date Added: 6 April, 2012
File Size: 7.1 MB Downloads: 17
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Systems: WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows7


Safe AutoLogon allows automatic logon to Windows XP and higher, with full 256-bit AES encryption protection. This software has many uses for companies that need to provide employees with access to certain network resources and avoid help desk issues of forgotten usernames/passwords. With its companion products, passwords are centrally managed, synched with Active Directory, and, remotely managed.


* Centrally manage passwords for Safe AutoLogon clients from one location with our product Safe AutoLogon Password Server.
* Where applicable, gives usernames network resource access without requiring them to type in a password.
* Increased security and decreased help desk utilization by not giving or having to manage users' passwords.
* Removes manually changing passwords at each computer for automatic logons.
* Changes the logon passwords for all Safe AutoLogon clients - even for those computers that are not turned on!
* Simultaneously updates Active Directory passwords, removing a time-consuming administrator step.
* Unattended workstations: computers that run your organization's programs (kiosks, library/book lookup stations, warehouse club scanning stations, etc). Computer is fixed by any staff member by simply rebooting.
* Classrooms: automatically give access to your network resources without having to manage student passwords.
* Run necessary programs only available at logon when the computer turns on. For example, Safe AutoLogon runs the Blackberry® redirector without you having to logon to your computer.

* Uses a patent-pending technology developed by WM Software.
* The password remains encrypted when the user is logged on or logged off.
* Up to 256-bit AES/Triple DES encryption.
* Safe AutoLogon integrates seamlessly with Windows XP and higher, including all Windows desktops and servers.
* Silent network installations, small memory footprint.
* The automatic logon feature is easily enabled/disabled locally or centrally.
* Lock the desktop immediately after an automatic login.
* Automatically logs on even after a system crash, hard reset, or blue screen.
* Works with all 32-bit and x64 Windows operating systems.
* Certified for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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