SharpCam is a full-featured standalone CAD/CAM system that is specifically designed to help you create NC code for CNC machine tools

SharpCam 1. 1. 2006
Publisher: SharpCam Ltd License: Commercial
Version: 1. 1. 2006 Date Added: 22 April, 2012
File Size: 73.5 MB Downloads: 16
Price: $595.00 Editor Rating:
Systems: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP


SharpCam is a full-featured standalone CAD/CAM system that is specifically designed to help you create NC code for CNC machine tools. Major Features: Pocketing Advanced pocketing with unlimited number of pockets and islands Drilling Drilling, pecking, boring, reaming, tapping, rigid tapping and custom drilling cycles Tool Management Create tool libraries/tool kits with the Tool Manager, edit, copy and move tools CAD 2D CAD creation Rearrange Operations Operation can be reordered by drag and drop Entry/Exit Line and or arc entry/exit, linear and helical ramp entry Transforms Move, copy, rotate, mirror and scale contours along with associated toolpaths Text Create text outlines from fonts installed on the system. Single Line Engraving Fonts Create single line text for engraving using SharpCam type fonts Simulation 3D tool simulation. Solid, translucent or wireframe animated tool display Context Snapping End, mid, centre, quadrant, tangent, intersection, perpendicular and parallel snapping Modify Contours Advanced fillet, trim, extend, split and explode Multi Document Interface Open unlimited number of Parts within one instance of SharpCam Cad File Translations AutoCad - dxf and dwg, stereo lithography - stl Undo/Redo Unlimited undo/redo Viewing Dynamic panning, zooming and rotation with middle mouse button/wheel Hidden Line Connection markers help identify hidden lines Machine Developer Edit Machine Definitions (post processors) with the Machine Developer using Visual Basic.Net RS232 Built in RS232 communication Nc Code Editing Free Nc code editor with built in RS232 communication - SharpEdit Operation Suppression Suppression of any/all operations to prevent Nc code generation Help Integrated F1 help, extensive training material at the Training Centre Updates Automatic self-updating to the latest version during allowed period

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