Skate Fighter

Skate your way to the top with Skate Fighter!*FREE WITH NO ADS****For a limited time, unlock the Pro version for Free!Instructions to unlock Skate Fighter Pro:1)Download this free version.2)Select the envelope icon from the pause menu.3)Type ...

Skate Fighter 1.0.332
Publisher: Nicholas Ferrara License: Freeware
Version: 1.0.332 Date Added: 25 January, 2014
File Size: 13.0 MB Downloads: 2
Editor Rating:
Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


Skate your way to the top with Skate Fighter!
***For a limited time, unlock the Pro version for Free!
Instructions to unlock Skate Fighter Pro:
1)Download this free version.
2)Select the envelope icon from the pause menu.
3)Type cc191 where it says "your email"
4)Press send (no email is sent)
5) Enjoy!
Additional Cheat Codes:
cc191 :unlocks the pro version for free (normally in app purchase)
boat5 :unlocks all levels
stats : show device performance stats
FPS=60: set new FPS (value from 10 to 70, default is 30)
L : low quality, no anti-aliasing (best performance)
M : medium quality, this is the default quality
H: high quality

*Perform flip-tricks
*Grind rails and walls
*Jump death gaps
*Beat up random civilians
*Score combos
*Collect coins
*Swim and drive boats
Tricks include:
*Kick Flip
*Front side heal flip
*Hard Flip
*360 double flip
*540 Flip
*Front flip
*Nose Grind and 5-0
Countless trick combination possibilities!
Score extra points for collecting coins and punching/kicking pedestrians
*Free version*
-12 levels
*Full version* (one time in-app purchase only $0.99)
-32 levels total (20 additional levels)
-Additional snow world with moving obstacles
-Compete in a global leader board powered by Scoreoid

Skate Fighter was created by Nicholas Ferrara
Featuring Music by Sir William Versatile
Search terms: Skate Skating Skateboard Skateboarding Skater Boat Boating Physics Platform Game skateboarding games Platformer Sidescroller Punch a monkey in the face skatefighter

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