SMS Rage Faces

Tired of sending boring text messages? With SMS Rage Faces you can easily add hilarious faces to your messages!--------If you are having trouble attaching images (A), loading categories (B), installing the app (C) or concerns regarding file size ...

SMS Rage Faces 1.5.4
Publisher: Touche Apps License: Freeware
Version: 1.5.4 Date Added: 29 April, 2014
File Size: 50.0 MB Downloads: 6
Editor Rating:
Systems: Android, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4.4, Android 4.x, Android 5.x


Tired of sending boring text messages? With SMS Rage Faces you can easily add hilarious faces to your messages!
If you are having trouble attaching images (A), loading categories (B), installing the app (C) or concerns regarding file size (Z), please read the entire description.
Application installs to SD Card to greatly reduce file size

✔ Over 2500 Faces! This is the largest collection out there!
✔ Easy to use! Tap a face and select your sharing method! That's it!
✔ Share your favorite faces via Facebook, Twitter, Email and more!
✔ Add your most used faces to the Favorites category for easy access!
✔ Save rage faces to your Photo Gallery!
✔ Keeps track of your most recently shared faces so you don't have to search!
✔ Preview faces to get a better look!
✔ 'NEW' tag shows which faces were most recently added to our collection!
✔ Support for WhatsApp, Go SMS, Viber and many more applications!
- Tap a face and select 'Share'. The image will automatically be attached to whichever method you choose!
- (A) If the desired sharing method does not appear in the sharing menu, trying saving images to the Gallery and sharing from there!
** All Users **
- MMS or data charges may apply. Please ensure you cell phone plan covers this.
- Images are saved as PNG files.
- Press the 'Menu' button to access Settings.
- (B) Users who are having issues loading categories can lower the thumbnail quality from the Settings page.
- SD Card required.
- (C) If you cannot install the application from Google Play, try un-mounting your SD card, installing the app, then re-mounting the SD card.
- (Z) Application installs to SD Card by default. It may be moved back to internal memory (see below). Requires OS 2.2 or higher. Not all phones can move application to SD Card.
- To move application: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > SMS Rage Faces > Move to SD card
▶ Are we missing your favorite face? Click the Menu button and let us know via email!
▶ Thank you for the support, your 5 star reviews keep the updates coming!
Contact us:
✔ Website:
✔ Twitter: @sms_faces
✔ Instagram: @sms_faces
✔ Facebook:
** If you are experiencing crashes or bugs with the app, let us know so we can fix them!
▶ Coming Soon
✔ New features!
✔ More faces!

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