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Stories Are Us - Audio Stories for KidsHaving won the 2012 Interactive Media Awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in the Kids Section, and spurred on by the hype and interest generated by the media, the developers of the website set about to ...

Stories Are Us 1.2
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Version: 1.2 Date Added: 7 September, 2014
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Stories Are Us - Audio Stories for Kids
Having won the 2012 Interactive Media Awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in the Kids Section, and spurred on by the hype and interest generated by the media, the developers of the website set about to create an App designed to inspire and entertain a generation. Now it is here: the Stories Are Us App for iPhone, Android & tablets!
This prestigious award was judged by a panel of peers including: American Express, Cadbury Schweppes, CNN Money, Conde Nast Publications, Microsoft, New York Times, Ogillvy & Mather, Time Warner Inc., and Verizon Business.
"Aunty B's" enchanting, fun and educational stories are designed to help parents engage their children in the joy of storytelling. They will occupy kids for many productive hours. The audio stories are told in a humorous; lighthearted yet an enjoyable manner.
Uniquely, many stories have been produced with three different accents: African, British, and Caribbean. Furthermore, the audio stories have been categorised into easy to follow sections: Animals, Biblical, Fables, Fairy Tales and Historical stories.
The Stories Are Us App enables users to share and discuss their experiences of listening to these exciting, intriguing and sometimes heart stopping audio stories for kids, using two of the most prominent social media outlets:Face book and Twitter.
The Stories Are Us website was not only nominated for the prestigious Samsung Awards 2013, but the website was also named amongst the 8 finalists. The timing is therefore perfect for the release of our much anticipated App. And already in April 2013 the Stories Are Us App has been featured on, which will only serve to increase the growing buzz about this innovative tool for all children, including the visually impaired!
Happy listening!!!
Home Tab:
The App comes with three pre installed free stories when the App is downloaded, located on the 'Home' tab.
The App is free to download. Each individual story cost £0.69.
Audio stories have been divided into 5 categories: Animal, Biblical, Fables, Fairy Tales and Historical stories, with most stories being available in an African, British or Caribbean accent.
15 stories are uploaded every month.
Users can share their listening experience to their friends/family via face book, twitter or by sending an email.
The Months tab found at the top right hand corner.
To purchase a story, choose which category of story you wish to listen to. Here you will get a list of stories related to that particular month. Click the relevant story to purchase it. Alternatively, the user may wish to purchase a story from a previous month. Simply follow the same procedure that one would for the current month.
Search Tab:
This tab allows users to search for the title of a story, and also to search for the author(s) of a particular story.
Contact Us Tab:
Users are able to contact us at Stories Are Us via email.
Story Tab:
Clicking this tab enables the user to see the stories they have purchased, and also the stories that they have downloaded.
Within the 'purchased' area, the user may choose what accent they would like to download, either an African, British or a Caribbean accent, or perhaps all three accents are available should they wish.
Under 'downloaded stories', one can find and listen to the story they have purchased. Here the user will see three icons to choose from - African, British or Caribbean.
Users may select and keep track of their favourite stories by clicking the 'Add to Favourites' located at the top right corner of the device. The star turns 'purple' once selected.
Favourites Tab:
Every story that has been selected as a 'favourite' is located here.
Please note that should a user lose their phone, or buy a new phone, they will lose all the stories they may have previously purchased from Stories Are Us LTD.
Stories Are Us LTD will not restore/refund previously purchased stories.

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