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31adjustPKL 1.0 (

adjustPKL can help you to adjust PKL-Files derived from MS-experiments. With this tool you can shift all m/z values of such an PKL-file. You can decide whether to shift all spectra or just a single one of the file. After shifting the data just...

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32OligoWords 1.2.1 (

Oligonucleotide usage statistical parameters calculator. OligoWords is a standalone cross platform Python software calculates the various oligonucleotide usage statistical parameters seen in the Genome Browser. Requires the Python programming...

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Important Quartet Puzzling and NNI Operation. An efficient tree reconstruction method (IQPNNI) is introduced to reconstruct a phylogenetic tree based on DNA or amino acid sequence data. Our approach combines various fast algorithms to generate a...

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34Fractal Time Calculator 1.0 (

Calculate time loops using the Golden Ratio. Fractal Time Calculator is influenced by the book "Fractal Time" by Gregg Braden and is using the Golden Ratio in its calculations.This Fractal Time Calculator is MUCH MORE ACCURATE than...

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35QBlade 0.51 (

QBlade is a wind turbine calculation software. The program is seamlessly integrated into XFOIL, an airfoil design and analysis tool. The motivation for this was to create a one solution program for the design and aerodynamical computation of wind...

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36SFR Calculator 5.1.4 (

Comment, save and change your calculations anywhere. SFR Calculator is a revolutionary new kind of program calculator for your Windows PC. With SFR Calculator you can do extensive calculations - like on an adding machine. You can comment your...

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37Calcus 0.1 (http://www.https:)

Calcus is a cross-platform scriptable calculator based on Qt and QtScript.Base functionality:1. math.h functions support (in addition to Math object);2. variables (just type "a = 7" and you can use variable "a" whenever you...

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38lshdr 2.2.2 (

Analyze ECAT files with this tool. lshdr help you list the subheader of an ECAT 6.3 or 7.x file.Currently most analysis programs can use PET image data in ECAT 7 format, which is the format that ECAT HR+ produces. During a long transitional stage...

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39Intensity Rescaler 1.0 (

Rescale 3D images with this tool. Intensity Rescaler help you rescale 3D images in intensity. The supported formats are .gipl .mha .hdr. You can load segmentations to do automatic rescaler or you can specify regions which should have the same...

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40IdAlign 1.0.0 (

Perform targeted and non-targeted metabolite profiling analysis. IDAlgin can align metabolite peaks by their identifications, thus overcome retention time shifting caused misalignment.GC/MS data is first processed using AMDIS (Automated mass...

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41Ionic Calculator 1.0 (

Ionic Calculator is a tiny ionic calculator. Ionic Calculator help you with ionic calculations. Basically you just pick an anion, then a cation and press the Calculate button to get the result on your screen.

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42Function Plot 2D 1.0 (

Create function plots fast and easy. Function Plot 2D help you create function plots. Function Plot 2D lets you create a 2D plot, all you need to do is give an input function.Requirements:* Java

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43GUI Octave 1.5.4 (

GUI Octave is a Graphical User Interface for the GNU Octave high-level language.GNU Octave provides a command interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that is...

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44FCS Extract 1.02 (

Extract Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data from a binary FCS file. The purpose of the FCSExtract utility is to extract Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data from a binary FCS file and convert it to an ASCII text format, which can be read by a variety...

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45Concave Mirror 1.0 (

This simulation is designed to help you investigate the interaction of light with a concave mirror, and to help you understand how images are formed. You can also use the simulation to investigate the limitations of spherical mirrors. Investigate...

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